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Zeniru (ゼニール Zenīru) is a multi-millionaire established in F-City.


Zeniru is a slightly rotund middle-aged man with tan skin and short, curly blonde hair. He was seen wearing an open bath robe, which reveals a hairy chest and a chain necklace.


Zeniru is a wealthy man, who seems to be rather worried about his public image, but seems to have no qualms secretly hiring unscrupulous characters such as Speed-o'-Sound Sonic as bodyguards. He lives a rather lavish lifestyle, with an entire sky-scraper as his home.


Introduction Saga[]

Paradise Group Arc[]

The Paradisers decide to make an example of Zeniru to advance their cause by destroying his sky-scraper. As the Paradise Group makes their way to his location, he is about to head to safety, but stops when his hired bodyguard Speed-o'-Sound Sonic appears and says that he will take out the terrorists.[1] After Sonic has taken out all but the leader of the group, Hammerhead, the golden sculpture on top of Zeniru's sky-scraper is destroyed by a rock thrown by Hammerhead.[2]


His name can be a pun at (銭いる) "Zenīru", meaning "To be money" or "Mr Money".


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