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Zeimeet (ゼイミート, Zeimīto) is an officer for the Hero Association


Zeimeet has the appearance of a business man. He's a small fat man, his head only reaching the shoulders of the women that he was with. 


Zeimeet seems to be full of himself, stretching his status as a front-line fighter, when in reality, he was just a desk jockey. He is also quite lecherous, as shown when he tried to manipulate two women into kissing him.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Hero Hunt ArcEdit

Zeimeet is first seen walking down the sidewalk of the entertainment district with two women. He tries to earn a kiss from them by promising he can arrange a meeting with Sweet Mask for them. Garou then shows up behind him, annoyed by the front he's putting on and knocks him out in one punch. The women he was with take pictures of his unconscious body in the aftermath.[1]


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