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The Z Police Station (Z警察署, Zeddo Keisatsusho) is the base of operations for the Z-City branch of the police force.


Pork Cutlet Bowl[]

The Z-City Police Department brings Saitama in for interrogation due to his suspicious behavior and suspected relation to recent incidents in their precinct. Chief Kuma conducts the interrogation and offers Saitama a pork cutlet bowl. Saitama states that he is a hero, prompting Kuma to explain the conflict between the police and the Hero Association.

While Saitama talks with Kuma, Surprise-Attack Plum attacks the police station. The officers are unable to subdue the monster with their bidents and guns. Chief Kuma sees the hopelessness of the situation and phones McCoy of the Hero Association to request assistance. Before Kuma can finish his plea, Saitama snatches the phone from his hand, saying that neither heroes nor police do their jobs because someone begs them to. He then declares he will defeat the monster to repay the police for the pork cutlet bowl.

Moments later, heroes and spectators gathered outside the Z-City Police Department station observe as Saitama, now dressed in police uniform, carries Surprise-Attack Plum out of the building, giving the spectators the impression that the police were able to defeat the monster.[1]


Name Status
Chief Kuma Active
Chief Kuma's Subordinate Deceased


  • The flag flown in front of the police station is the real-world flag of Japan. This is possibly an anachronism or artistic mistake, as One-Punch Man is not set in Japan, but on a supercontinent in a completely different world (however, nearly every location in the manga is referenced from real-world places in Japan.)


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