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Y-City (Y市, Y Shi) is a large city on Earth. Child Emperor's Lab is located in this city.

There are 14 heroes living in this city.[1]


Child Emperor's LaboratoryEdit

A laboratory owned by Child Emperor is located in Y-City. He builds and experiments with various gadgets here. He is seen sitting on his movable chair.

Restaurant MammothEdit

A gourmet restaurant where Fubuki brought Saitama, Genos and King (it is unknown if Bang came too). It seems to have quite a large menu, which includes; Salads with dressing, sirloin, fillet and butter topping.



Number of Heroes by Class:[1]

  • S-Class: 1
  • A-Class: 1
  • B-Class: 3
  • C-Class: 10




Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

During the Monster Raid, Eyesight attacks Y-City. Pig God defeats her by devouring her whole.[2]

Warning The following section contains original webcomic spoilers. Expand to see spoiler content.

Unnamed SagaEdit

Fall of the Hero Association ArcEdit

The Forest Tribe attempts to invade the city, only to be stopped by Genos.[3]

Neo Heroes SagaEdit

Supreme Hero ArcEdit

Mirror does considerable damage to the city and is engaged by Suiko.

Appearances in Other Media Edit



Y-City is attacked by Jumping Spider, but he is quickly put down by Bang, Genos, and Saitama. They then go to 'Mammoth Restaurant' to have dinner.


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