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Witness (目撃, Mokugeki) is a special chapter included with Volume 15.


Vaccine Man attacks A-City as the Hero Association's staff rush to get in contact with as many heroes as possible. Saitama kills the monster before any S-Class heroes arrived. Shortly afterwards King stumbles onto Vaccine Man's corpse when picking up his video game, Moe Moe Chronicle 2 from the floor, and is mistaken as the monster's killer.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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Volume 2
Volume 3 1617181920ExtraSpecial
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Volume 5 2526272829Extra
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Volume 7 353637Extra 1Extra 2Extra 3
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Volume 9 41424344454647Extra
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Volume 11 565758596061Extra 1Extra 2
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Volume 13 68697071ExtraSpecial
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Volume 15 7677787980Extra 1Extra 2
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Volume 17 858687Extra
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Volume 19 91929394Extra
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Volume 21 979899100101Extra
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Volume 23 107108109110111112Extra