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Withered Sprout (やせ細りモヤシ, Yasehosori moyashi) was a Tiger-level monster. The Surly Brothers estimated the monster's disaster level to be Dragon. He was killed by Saitama.[1]


As his name suggests, Withered Sprout resembled a humanoid version of a bean sprout. He was quite short and skinny, with thin arms and legs, and had an overall weak appearance.


Sprouts True Colors

Withered Sprout shows his true colors

Withered Sprout acted weak in order to trick heroes into thinking that they could easily defeat him. He acted timidly, but showed his true personality once he had shown his true power.

His true personality was being intent on killing heroes and using sneak attacks to defeat them, displaying a rather pathetic and cowardly side to him. He would lie in order to get heroes by surprise.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Disaster LevelEdit

Withered Sprout is seen in Z-City when the Surly Brothers show up. Withered Sprout pretends to be scared and was attacked by one of Angry Man's attacks, but quickly freezes him. Withered Sprout still acts weak, but manages to defeat Crying Man and Smile Man. Saitama later passes by and Withered Sprouts acts weak, but uses a sneak attack on him. After Saitama easily breaks his glaciers, he attacks him again only to be killed by Saitama's punch.

Abilities and PowerEdit


Withered Sprout traps Smile Man in a massive ice spike

As estimated to be a Dragon-level threat, Withered Sprout is a powerful monster. He was able to easily defeat the Surly Brothers, which included the A-Class hero Smile Man.

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

Ice Manipulation: Withered Sprout had an extremely potent cold touch in which he was able to easily freeze objects or heroes by surprise. He was able to freeze the Surly Brothers and their weapons with little effort. He was later able to freeze Saitama, though the hero was able to easily break free and defeat the monster. The power is not limited to objects or beings, as the surrounding area was also frozen when Saitama arrived.


  • Jumping Spider and Withered Sprout are the only Mysterious Beings who were officially considered with three different disaster levels.
    • He was first considered to be Wolf, due to his cowardly nature and weak looking appearance.
    • He was considered a Tiger by the Hero Association after being defeated instead of a higher threat level in order to prevent "destroying the balance of the pro hero world".
    • He was suggested and considered to be a Dragon level by a Hero Association staff member and Smile Man, but not officially registered as one.


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