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"The Fight" (戦い, Tatakai) is the seventh volume of the One-Punch Man manga series.


A single man arose to face the evil threatening humankind!
His name was Saitama. He became a hero for fun!

With one punch he has resolved every crisis so far, but no one believes he could be so extraordinary strong. Together with his pupil Genos (Class S), Saitama has been active a hero and risen from Class C to Class B.

One day the seer Shibabawa predicts a great danger to Earth and dies. Soon after, a group of interstellar bandits named Dark Matter Thieves, led by an alien named Boros, attack Earth. As Class S heroes battle on Earth, Saitama is inside the spaceship locked in a fierce battle against Boros!!

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Author Comments[]


To correct my lack of exercise, I've been running outside. I want to be able to run about ten kilometers.

Yusuke Murata[]

I've always had poor handwriting, so I've started practicing when I lay out the manuscript. The result is... finishing my manuscripts four hours later.


  • In the volume release, Chapter 34 was split into two. Part two was added in a new chapter called The Fight (戦い, Tatakai).
  • Sweet Mask's encounter with the S-Class heroes was completely redrawn in the volume.
  • Several double-page spreads were included in the volume release, including an additional shot of the spacecraft's destruction and several shots of Metal Knight's drones cleaning up the aftermath in Chapter 37.


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