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"Rumor" (噂, Uwasa; Viz: The Rumor) is the third volume of the One-Punch Man manga series.


A single man arose to face the evil threatening humankind!
His name was Saitama. He became a hero for fun...

During his three years as a hero, Saitama has defeated numerous monsters and evil organizations, but no one knows about him...That's because he isn't in the Hero Association registry!

Together with Genos, who wants to be his disciple, Saitama decided to take the Hero Association's test...

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Author Comments[]


Every single positive comment from every reader is encouraging.

Yusuke Murata[]

Try sliding up the dust cover. Sonic will form one picture together with the inside illustration.


  • The original version of Genos and Saitama's sparring session included several flipbook-style animations. These were removed and the fight choreography was changed in Volume 3.
  • A coloring error in Chapter 18 where Speed-o'-Sound Sonic's shirt was white instead of black was fixed.


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