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"Light" (光, Hikari) is the twenty-second volume of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Child Emperor uses his trump card, the robotic Brave Giant, to fight against the reincarnated Phoenix Man. However, his enemy easily counters this last-ditch attempt, brushing Brave Giant off as a mere toy. When Phoenix Man then evolves into an even stronger monster, Child Emperor's conviction is shaken. Does this spell the end for the clever child hero?

Featured Characters[]

Extended Covers[]

Volume 22 features extended front and back covers.

Extended Volume 22 Front Cover

Extended Volume 22 back Cover

Author Comments[]


Even a cloth mask is good. I'm being very careful.

Yusuke Murata[]

In my debut work, I redrew the same page five times. It's often said that a debut work is full of everything a writer wants to do, and that's exactly what I'm doing now.


  • The volume was the first one to break a cycle of April volume releases.


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