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"Cabbage Finished" (白菜消滅, Hakusai Shometsu; Viz: All My Cabbage) is the nineteenth volume of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The Monster Association has kidnapped Tareo, the boy who admires Garou, and now Garou finds himself plunging headfirst and alone into the heart of the Monster Association's hideout. Meanwhile, the Hero Association pushes forward with its operation to rescue Waganma, while Genos and the others are living it up enjoying hot pot at Saitama's place!

Featured Characters[]

Extended Covers[]

Volume 19 features extended front and back covers.

Extended Volume 19 Front Cover

Extended Volume 19 Back Cover

Author Comments[]


I'm so happy Saitama got an action figure. I feel rejuvenated just by looking at it.

Yusuke Murata[]

From this volume onward, the covers are specially designed, everyone please, you must purchase up to Volume 21, and try actually playing around with them!


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