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"Depths of Despair" (絶望の果て, Zetsubō no Hate) is the fourteenth volume of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Gouketsu shares his story of how he was a former champion and was defeated by a monster and captured. He was then offered monster powers and became what he is today. He offers the fighters that same opportunity, and half a dozen of the contestants take him up on that offer, ingesting the cells and becoming monsters and fighting Suiryu. Sneck and Max try to help Suiryu but they are no match against the newly-powered monsters. Suiryu is beaten down and realizes he needs a hero after all, and cries for help. Saitama answers the call and defeats the monsters.

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When I get messages from fans overseas, I translate as I read them. The letters make me happy and give me an opportunity to learn.

Yusuke MurataEdit

Recently, I've been doing movie-poster work. The movie companies loan me unreleased toys for reference, and I have to return them as soon as possible, so I really have to work fast.


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