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Volten (ボルテーン, Borutēn, Viz: Boltane) is a Martial Artist and user of the Thunder Thunder Fist.

After eating a monster cell offered to him by Gouketsu, Volten became a monster and joined the Monster Association.


Volten S2

Volten's previous appearance as a human.

Volten is a man with sunken cheeks and round eyes with dark markings around it. He keeps his black hair slicked back and wears a high collared olive green outfit with golden decorative buttons.

After Volten became a monster, his hair spiked upwards and became lighter. His body was also engulfed in electricity, and his face transformed into a devilish grin. He took on an appearance resembling that of a Raiju.


Volten was struck by lightning as a child, which turned him into a superb electrokinetic fighter.[1]


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Suiryu attacks Volten

Suiryu hammers Volten by using Benpatsu's body

Volten is participating in the Super Fight Tournament in C-City at the C-City Super Stadium. This is the fourth time Volten has participated in the tournament.[2] While watching the match between Lightning Max and Suiryu, he was shocked by the latters strength, and how easily he defeated his opponent.[3]

Volten defeats Bazuzu during the first round of the tournament.[4] In his second round, he defeats Gatlin, but suffers some minor injuries.[5] He was later defeated by Suiryu during the semi-final in 3 seconds with one single kick.

Super Fight ArcEdit

Volten becomes a monster after eating a monster cell, wishing to enhance his powers and get stronger than Suiryu. However, even after becoming a monster, he was still no match for Suiryu and was immediately defeated when Suiryu uses Benpatsu's body to pummel him like hammering a nail.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Saitama and the Mediocre Ability UsersEdit

As Chemonille derides his useless supernatural powers, he compares himself to the likes of Volten, Tatsumaki, and Fubuki, who all use their impressive powers to earn an honest living. An image including Volten is briefly shown.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Not much is known about Volten's strength. He easily defeats Bazuzu and Gatlin in their matches, only receiving real trouble from the latter.

After eating a Monster Cell, Volten's strength increased immensely, but he was still no match for Suiryu.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Electricity Manipulation: Volten is described as having a super conductor body.[7] After becoming a monster, his electrical ability seems to have increased drastically.

Fighting StyleEdit

Expert Martial Artist: Volten is capable of beating many other martial artists with relative ease.

  • Thunder Thunder Fist (雷々拳, Rairai Ken): Volten can deliver an electrical shock through his attacks.
  • Super Thunder Thunder Fist (スーパー雷々拳, Sūpā kaminari Rairai Ken): An improved version of his martial arts that was attained when he became a monster.[8] His electricity is significantly enhanced with monsterization.[9]

Major BattlesEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Volten vs. Bazuzu (Off screen) 63 18 Win
Volten, Benpatsu, Choze and Hamukichi vs. Suiryu 72 20 Loss


  • Due to his electrical powers, Volten is currently the only known martial artist with powers besides superhuman strength and agility.
  • He is also the first human turned mysterious being in the series to have elemental powers, the other known example of this being Hellfire Flame.


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