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Sorry for my English, I'm from Poland so I'm still learning.  :)

I created this blog mostly because I was really heavily irritated by quantity and quality of comments on the Blast's page.

  • Saitama is Blast. No, Saitama is much younger, Blast has Hair, they have different philosophies of helping people, only in black and white manga they have similar outfits.

  • Blast is a relative of Saitama. Possible, needs more evidence.

  • Blast is Mob from "MOB PSYCHO 100". Unlikely, but needs more evidence.

  • Blast is just new character. Most likely, still needs more evidence.

  • Blast does not exist. No, in 7 page 106 chapter of Onepunch-Man (Webcomic) he is shown.

These are probably all significant theories about his true identity. along with the development of manga, anime and webcomic I will try to replenish this blog.

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