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Unihorn (イッカク, Ikkaku) was a member of the Monster Association in the manga. He was a Demon-level monster who briefly appears to fight Garou along with Showerhead and Super Mouse.


Unihorn is a humanoid creature with a large horn as a forehead. He has eyes all over his body, malformed teeth, misaligned jaws and has no apparent nose or ears. In his transformed state, Unihorn takes on the shape of a long lance and his mouth moves to the center of the shaft. Eyes appear on the linings of his body in both states.


As a monster, he naturally seemed to be confident in himself, proclaiming his horn as "the hardest in the world," and "unbreakable." Unlike other monsters in the association, he was willing to work alongside other monsters to fight other opponents.


Human Monster Saga

Monster Association Arc

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.50.46 PM

Garou counters Unihorn's spinning attack

Unihorn appears alongside his partners, Super mouse and Showerhead, to confront Garou. Unihorn says Garou is full of himself, and proceeds to attack him first, swinging his body around like a giant buzzsaw. However, Garou easily anticipates his move and sends him crashing to the wall. While Super Mouse and Showerhead distracted Garou, Unihorn 

Unihorn is defeated-0

Unihorn is defeated

transforming into his killer form. Super mouse picks him up for their combo move, the Demon Trinity Bursting Speed Thrust. Unfortunately for them, Garou had already experienced a similar attack against Stinger, and deflects it. Alas, Garou forgot that Overgrown Rover was still standing behind them, and the attack caused him to deem all of the people in the room as threats. Overgrown Rover tosses back Unihorn, who, despite boasting of an "unbreakable horn", is broken. He is then vaporized by Rover's energy blast alongside his partners.

Abilities and Powers

Being a Demon-level monster, Unihorn is a very powerful opponent, and was able to survive an attack from an evolving Garou. However, against Dragon-level monsters, he is utterly helpless, and was broken apart by Overgrown Rover.

Enhanced Strength: Being a demon-level mysterious being, Unihorn has impressive physical strength.

Enhanced Speed: Unihorn is rather fast, being fast enough to spin himself around at intense speeds, appearing like a giant buzzsaw.

Enhanced Durability: Unihorn proclaimed to have an "unbreakable horn", and was also strong enough to take a strike from Garou unharmed. However, he was easily defeated by Overgrown Rover, even with the enhanced speed of the special combo move.

Transformation: Unihorn can turn his humanoid body into a sharpened spear. While in this state he loses his arms and legs but has a longer reach. This form was used in a combination attack with Showerhead and Super Mouse that shot him at a high speed.



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