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Underdog Man (カマセイヌマン, Kamaseinu Man) is a series of robots created by Child Emperor. They assist Child Emperor in battle.


The robots of the Underdog Man series appear as dog-like humanoid robots. They can be easily mistaken for real heroes.

When 3 Underdog Men combine they take on the appearance of a three-headed muscular humanoid beast. Each head has a spiky collar which is tied together with chains and a belt.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Raid Arc[]

Child Emperor uses it to fight the monster Eyesight and to save the poisoned heroes. After being bitten by Eyesight's poisonous snakes, Child Emperor collects the data and sends it to the Hero Association to create an antidote. Underdog Man No. 22 then grabs Eyesight and self destructs.[1]

Monster Association Arc[]

Underdog Man No. 23, No. 24 and No. 25 are deployed to battle G5.[2] They combine into their more powerful form and fight G5. With Child Emperor's pencil missiles, the hero buys enough time for him and Waganma to escape. No. 23, No. 24 and No. 25 are his last remaining Underdog Man robots.

Known Variants[]

Name Status
No. 22 Destroyed
No. 23 Merged, Destroyed
No. 24 Alive
No. 25 Merged, Destroyed

Abilities and Powers[]

As individuals, the Underdog Men are somewhat powerful, and one Underdog Man is capable of holding its own against Eyesight until activating its self-destruct. When three Underdog Men combined to form Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus, the new robot's power is formidable, although G5 was able to destroy it without incurring any noticeable damage. 

Dog Paddle Punch (犬かきパンチ, Inukaki Panchi): Underdog Man jumps at its opponent. The full effect of this technique is unknown, as it wasn't able to connect to its target.[3]

Self Destruct: Underdog Man jumps at its opponent and destroys itself with a powerful explosion.[4]

Mad Dog: Underdog Cerberus (狂犬 カマセケルベロス, Kyōken Kamase Keruberosu): Three Underdog Men can combine into a new powerful form.[5]Although it's true power is unknown, as the battle between it and G5 wasn't shown, G5 felt it necessary to unsheath a second katana. An unseen battle took place, and G5 managed to defeat Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus without any apparent injuries. 

  • Vicious Digging Doggie Spinning Punch (獰猛犬かき回転パンチ, Dōmō Inukaki Kaiten Panchi): Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus spins his arms extremely quickly.[6]


Original Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus

  • The three-headed Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus is named after Cerberus, a multi-headed watchdog in Greek mythology.
    • Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus originally looked slightly different before being redrawn into its current spikier and bulkier design. The fusion was also much more instant and far less complex.


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