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Trap Tengu  (罠天狗, Wana Tengu) is the B-Class Rank 70 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Trap Tengu Appearance
Trap Tengu's costume is modeled after his mythological namesake. He wears a plague doctor's mask (which resembles the face of a bird), a kabuki wig, traditional yamabushi garb (including a tokin), and geta. He also carries an oibako (wooden backpack) containing his various traps.

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Trap Tengu was summoned by the Hero Association along with Pink Hornet, Wild Horn, Smell Master and Saitama, to capture a Scaledon alive for medical research. When the heroes reached the woods, Wild Horn ordered Tengu to place traps to snare the monster. Scaledon fell into the trap, but managed to break free and swallow all of the heroes. In the end, Saitama punched the monster, saving Tengu and the others.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a B-Class hero, Trap Tengu is a fairly skilled fighter. Though based on his rank, he isn't very strong by B-Class standards. As his name suggests, he is very skilled
Trap tengu 3

Trap Tengu Backpack

with traps.

Fighting StyleEdit

Expert Trapper: Trap Tengu uses traps to fight his opponents.

  • Triple Trap: Trap Tengu uses a reinforced net made of wire ropes as a trap. It was first seen against Scaledon.[2]


Traps: Trap Tengu has a large array of traps that can be used against opponents.[3]


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