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The unnamed owner is the owner of the cat Torako and the daughter of a staff member of the Hero Association.


She is a small girl with dark colored eyes and dark, wavy hair tied in a ponytail with her fringe partly covering her forehead. She wears a jacket over her striped shirt, a frilly skirt, short leggings and sneakers.


She is a bratty child and tends to repeat herself and threatens to tell on Saitama, but when the latter didn't care she starts to cry. She loves her cat Torako very much, worrying about her whereabouts and was happy to take her kittens with her.

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Lost CatEdit

Wall crack

The owner and Saitama continue to search

She tagged along with Saitama to help her find her cat Torako. She drew a picture of her cat to help Saitama, but the hero was only stumped by the drawing. Annoyed by his statement, she threatens to get him fired, but was surprised by the lack of care and began to cry, which prompted Saitama to comfort her. They continue to search for her cat and come towards an isolated area guarded by Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole.

When they were told that only chosen heroes may go beyond that point, Saitama stated that that may count him as well. As they were searching in the isolated area, Genos breaks through the wall, while fighting Grizzly Nyah, frightening her. Saitama happened to notice a cat that matches the description and continue with their search.
Torako and her owner

The owner reunited with Torako

She finds Torako and begins to chase her, but was caught by Stinger and Lightning Genji who were running away from the mother Grizzly Nyah. After Saitama killed the monster, she was reunited with her cat and was excited to know she gave birth to two small kittens.


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