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Torajirou (トラヅロウ, Torajirō) is the head judge at the Hero Costume Contest.


Torajirou is a middle aged man with his hair tied in a very wide ponytail and wears sunglasses. His attire is flamboyant wearing a business suit with polka dots with a white shirt underneath and a bow tie. He also wears a wristwatch and has pierced ears.


Torajirou is a very judgmental man and gives harsh critique towards the costume contest. He judges peoples personality based on the clothes they wear and not as a person, scorning Saitama for his costume despite his own harsh character and lacking fashion sense. This later changes after his son confronted him about the clothes he gave him and decided to change the way he thinks. However, he is still quite ungrateful for Saitama in the end because of his wacky outfit while not seriously taking into account that Saitama did save his life from a monster. Nor accounting for his own horrendous tastes in clothing.

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Torajirou is a head judge alongside Natalie Ver. 9 and Cleyopatra at the hero costume contest. He gives Darkness Blade a score of 2, telling him he is no good and should see himself more objectively so he wouldn't embarrass himself. While Saitama was the last contestant, he disregards Saitama's costume and judges his personality based on it. Just as he is about to give his score, Game-Berus attack the stadium, defeating other heroes and was about to attack the judges until Saitama step in and killed it with one punch.

Despite Saitama saving the judges and gaining the audiences approval, he still didn't acknowledge the costume and gave him 1 point. After the contest ended, he spots his son at the stadium, questioning his outfit. Torao later explains he doesn't like the clothes he gave and promoted his father to changes his view on other people. However, he is still dislike Saitama because of his clothing despite the fact Saitama saves his life.


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