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I am the man who loves reptiles so much that I turned into a reptile myself!
— Tongue Stretcher[1]

Tongue Stretcher (シタノビール, Shitanobīru) is a Mysterious Being that assaults beautiful women.


Tongue Stretcher is a chameleon-like mysterious being with large eyes, a tail, and a long tongue.


Tongue Stretcher is a pervert that attacked young and beautiful women, wanting them to bear his children. However, when confronted by the strongest hero King, he surrendered and begged for mercy.[3]


Tongue Stretcher was a man with an intense love for reptiles that turned into the mysterious being known as the Tongue Stretcher.[4]


Hero Association SagaEdit

King ArcEdit

King meets Tongue Stretcher

King confronts Tongue Stretcher

Tongue Stretcher showing bruise

Tongue Stretcher showing off his bruise

After becoming a Mysterious Being, the Tongue Stretcher attacked some girls to make them "bear his children". Before he could do anything, however, he met the S-Class hero King. Hearing the famous "King Engine" and fearing for his life, the Tongue Stretcher immediately admitted defeat and while begging for mercy he started to cry and shake.[5]

Tongue Stretcher is later seen on a prison bus with other Mysterious Beings who were captured by heroes. When the other Mysterious Beings ask who he was captured by, he replies that he was captured by King, at which the other Mysterious Beings immediately look up to him for surviving a battle with the strongest man. He points to a bruise on his head, caused by a woman stepping on him, as a mark of vendetta against King and swears vengeance, but never sees the light of day again.[6]

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Neo Heroes SagaEdit

Psychic Sisters ArcEdit

Some time later, he is captured and held inside the Z-City complex along with other Wolf and Tiger threat monsters, but is soon killed by Tatsumaki.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Wolf level threat, it can be assumed that Tongue Stretcher is a relatively weak Mysterious Being.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Prehensile Tongue: Tongue Stretcher is able to elastically project his long tongue from his mouth at great speed.[8] He has adhesive saliva on his tongue that causes his prey to get stuck to it.[2]

Enhanced Strength: Tongue Stretcher is strong enough to subdue five strong men with ease.[9]


  • (To a woman) "You! Bear my children!"


  • The battle between Tongue Stretcher and King lasted 10 Seconds.[2]


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