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Tongara (トンガラ, Tongara) was the captain of Narinki's Private Squad. He was fatally injured by Evil Natural Water and killed by Mad Doctor Fish.[1]


Tonagara was a tall man with short black hair and an angular face, with a defined jaw and forehead. His battle attire consists of a specialized black and white power suit.


Tongara was a level-headed and charismatic leader. He often wore a stoic and determined expression, but was no stranger to sly remarks and wit, and showed genuine fear for his life once captured by the Monster Association.

Having witnessed so many atrocities on the battlefield (and committing some himself), Tongara had a nihilistic outlook. He believed that heroism and justice were lofty ideals, and that only money really mattered. He had a skewed moral compass, content to do anything that would get him ahead. However, after spending time with Atomic Samurai's disciples, Tongara found his optimism briefly regenerated. He even endangered his own life by saving Bushidrill from Evil Natural Water. In his final moments he admitted that it was brash to suddenly fancy himself a hero, and resigned to his fate as a nameless casualty.


Few details are known about Tongara's past. As a member of a private military company, he had been a mercenary for many years before his role in Narinki's Private Squad, fighting in wars and black ops missions across the planet. During this time he saw just how rotten humanity can truly be. This led to him developing a morally apathetic outlook on life.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Tongara is appointed as the team leader of Narinki's Private Squad by Narinki to save his son from the Monster Association. Narinki states that if his squad retrieves his son, they will be paid very handsomely, so much so that even their grandchildren won't have to work.[2]

When Tongara and his team arrive at the hideout, they manage to kill two Mysterious Beings before being caught by G5 and brought before Orochi and Gyoro Gyoro. Tongara tearfully begs for mercy, explaining that he and his team were only in it for the money. Several monsters then jump to kill the mercenaries, but Royal Ripper stops them so he can have the pleasure of doing it himself. He then drags his blade across Tongara's face, creating an X shape. G5 intervenes, telling Gyoro Gyoro that their battle suits are potentially powerful weapons, so Do-S suggests to make them love slaves. Tongara and the mercenaries are then brainwashed into Do-S' servants by the strikes of her whip, putting their suits into overdrive.[3]

Before the Hero Association's invasion, Do-S orders Tongara and the others to each kill at least one hero.[4] During the invasion, Do-S and the mercenaries come across Atomic Samurai's disciples and engage them in battle. Tongara's rifle is bisected by Iaian, forcing him to fight unarmed.[5] Once Sweet Mask takes over for the three disciples, he moves to behead Tongara and the rest in one fell swoop - however, the disciples return and subdue them without any injuries. This also snaps Tongara out of Do-S' mind control, and he tearfully thanks Iaian. With Do-S defeated, Sweet Mask requests the disciples escort the mercenaries to the surface.[5]

Tongara and the mercenaries pretend to still be love slaves that had captured the three disciples, but when other monsters become interested they are forced to reveal themselves and fight. Afterwards, Tongara explains to Iaian that they are not leaving yet because they won't get paid unless they retrieve Waganma. It becomes clear that Tongara is not the heroic type, annoying Bushidrill.[citation needed] Impressed by Iaian's skills, Tongara offers him a position in his private military company, which he politely refuses.[citation needed]

Tongara's demise.

Tongara continues to pretend to be a love slave to get into the Monster Association's vault, but it still doesn't work and another fight breaks out. Noticing Master Joe escaping, Tongara splits up from his squad to pursue it alongside the disciples. He shoots Master Joe in an attempt to finish him off, but the monster still manages to pull the lever to release Evil Natural Water. Now trapped hiding from Evil Natural Water, Tongara attempts to shoot its eyeballs only to be pierced in the chest by its water cannons. Upon noticing it aiming for Bushidrill next, he rashly shoves him out of the way, taking the brunt of fire before being carried away by Iaian and Okamaitachi. Once separated from the monster by rubble, the disciples lay the mortally wounded Tongara down and he urges them to escape without him. As the light fades from his eyes, Tongara derisively laughs at his own stupidity, and his body is washed away in Evil Natural Water and devoured by Mad Doctor Fish.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a member of Narinki's Private Squad equipped with new battle armor from The Organization, Tongara had impressive abilities. Together with the squad, he was able to pressure Atomic Samurai's disciples, who are S-Class material according to Fubuki.

Mercenary skills[]

When not using weapons, Tongara was very proficient in close-quarter combat and seemed to use a variety of power-based attacks based on physical strength. His experience on the battlefield against enemy soldiers disguising themselves as civilians also developed his reflexes, allowing him to instantly counter attacks from behind. He could also create versatile strategies to deal with a variety of situations, but due to his lack of experience with monsters he was taken by surprise and his plan to rescue Waganma was ruined by Do-S and her brainwashing powers. As a professional mercenary, Tongara was also able to fake his emotions and trick others through acting, even though vicious monsters such as Royal Ripper are not easily affected by it. He was also able to replicate the behavior of a typical love slave of Do-S despite having experienced such a status only once.

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: As a trained mercenary, Tongara possessed superhuman speed and reflexes. This was shown when he managed to react to some of Evil Natural Water's high-speed jet streams, saving Bushidrill from the monster's deadly water bullets.[1]


Tongara wields a firearm.

Battle Suit: Tongara wore armor manufactured by The Organization[6] provided to him by Narinki. The armor is even more advanced than the previous battle suits and allows him to fight top-ranking A-Class heroes.

Machine Gun: Tongara carried a machine gun with him and was relatively proficient in wielding it.[6] The machine gun was destroyed by Iaian.

Hand Gun: Tongara carried an emergency hand gun in case of need.


  • Tongara's name is based on tōgarashi, Japanese for chili pepper.


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