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The Tickle-Tickle Bug (こちょこちょ虫, Kocho-Kocho Mushi) is a small but deadly trick robot used by Child Emperor as a weapon. The robot's function is to aggressively and relentlessly tickle the target until they laugh to death from exhaustion and suffocation.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Child Emperor slips Tickle-Tickle Bug #3 through the gap in Phoenix Man's suit between his face and beak.[1]


  • In the old version of Chapter 100, Child Emperor uses a differently numbered robot, Tickle-Tickle Bug #1, which he slips inside Phoenix Man's suit in the same way as the final version, the main difference being that instead of transforming into "Monster Chick Man" when he couldn't endure the tickling, Phoenix Man instead tore his suit open, losing his powers. Child Emperor then tears the rest of his suit off and kills him with his backpack weapons.
  • Due to the brutality of the weapon, Child Emperor questioned his own morality after making the bot.


  1. One-Punch Man Manga; Chapter 100, page 45


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