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Three Eyed Ghost (三つ目ゴースト, Mittsume Gōsuto) was a Mysterious Being that appears after Saitama saved a man from committing suicide. He was killed by Saitama.[2]


Three Eyed Ghost is a monster with a face that consists of nothing more than three holes for eyes and a mouth. Its body is entirely black with little to no detail. It has four arms, two legs, and two horns. He was large enough to make an average human look like an ant.

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Three Eyed Ghost attacks civilians after Saitama convinces a man to not commit suicide.[3]


Its abilities have not been seen, but it is considered a Tiger level threat. He was able to destroy a building. He accumulates negative energy of workers. It is said that whoever is struck by the venomous breath of this being lose self consciousness and when they find themselves, they realize that they were planning their own suicide.[1]


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