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The Organization (組織, Soshiki) is a secret organization composed of various robots. Their goal is to cause destruction and chaos and fight strong opponents to collect various combat data, in order to increase the power of their robots.


Introduction SagaEdit

Paradise Group ArcEdit

The Organization created the battle suits used by Hammerhead and his Paradise Group, which they allowed to steal to collect real battle data. Once Hammerhead was defeated and the suits destroyed, two members of The Organization come to finish Hammerhead and after attacking him left, believing him dead. However, Hammerhead survived because of his thick skull.[1]

Hero Association SagaEdit

King ArcEdit

The Organization sent G4, a Machine God, to fight the S-Class hero King. and collect his data.[2] However, instead of King, Genos fought G4[3] and defeated him. After defeating him, he sent G4's destroyed body to Dr. Kuseno to be used for spare parts in order to upgrade his own cyborg body.[4]

Human Monster Saga Edit

Monster Association Arc Edit

Narinki takes armor they developed and gives them to a squad to save his son. However, The Organization is in fact in cahoots with the Monster Association as they send their latest fighting robot, G5 to assist the Monster Association.

During his way to the Monster Association HQ, G5 manages to capture Narinki's mercenaries and hand them over to the Monster Association to be turned into foot soldiers by Do-S. G5 is holding the head of a Metal Knight unit and calls it a valuable sample.[5] G5 confronts Child Emperor during his attempt to rescue Waganma.[6] Child Emperor and Waganma manage to escape G5, and he later encountered Atomic Samurai as well. He was defeated in the ensuing battle, but his core escaped before it could be destroyed.

Known MembersEdit

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Affiliates Edit


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