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The Great Food Tub (ダイショッカン, Daishokkan) was a Demon-Level Mysterious Beings and a member of the Monster Association. He was eaten by Pig God.


In the webcomic Great Food Tub resembles a pig with a human body. He has two very sharp bottom teeth, has pointed ears and has the nostril of a pig.

In the manga, his appearance drastically changes, having the appearance of a very large Bearded Dragon.


He has a very gluttonous personality, and he desires to consume all the heroes of the Hero Association. He has no real connection to the monsters of the Monster Association, as he had no problem eating a fellow monster when presented to him although he preferred eating humans, and he threatened Royal Ripper to not get in his way again or else he'd kill him.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Pig Gods kills Great Food Tub

Pig God swallows Great Food Tub.

Great Food Tub is first seen encountering Royal Ripper as he escort Tareo to his cell and tries to eat Tareo. However, Royal Ripper states that the child is his and sarcastically asks Great Food Tub to cut his own tail to satisfy his own hunger. Subsequently, Great Food Tub tries to attack G5 as the latter tries to pass through, but G5 grabs a monster and throws it at Great Food Tub's mouth, causing him to eat the monster on the spot. Great Food Tub then leaves the scene satisfied.[1]

Great Food Tub eventually comes across Pig God, giving a monologue about his status as the gluttonous monster that will consume all heroes whole before lunging at the hero.[2] Atomic Samurai's disciples later witness him being swallowed alive by Pig God.[3]

Webcomic notice The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

Great Food Tub is first seen with the other monsters, preparing for the attack against the heroes invading their headquarters. Great Food Tub notices Royal Ripper's absence, and asks Black Sperm where he is, to which Black Sperm replies he is most likely torturing Tareo.

The Great Food Tub then attacks Pig God, beginning his monologue about his status as the gluttonous monster that will consume all, stating he will consume all the heroes whole. But he is very quickly consumed himself by Pig God.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Based on his status as a Demon-level threat, he is likely very strong and based on his name he eats his opponents. However, very little can be said beyond that, as he is consumed by Pig God before he could show off any of his abilities, leaving the exact details of his power unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • His death was ironic, as he was a glutton who wanted to consume everyone and everything, but he was consumed by Pig God himself.


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