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The Extended Family of Darkness (闇の大家族, Yami no Dai Kazoku) is a group of mysterious beings.


The Extended Family of Darkness is a group of at least eleven dark humanoid monsters of varying sizes and body types.

They all have a devilish appearance including varying sets of eyes, sharp teeth and claws, forked tails, and they also each have two sets of wings with varying appearances, one being on their back and one being on their head.


Not much is known about their personalities. Since they act as a group and their name mentions them being a "family", it can be inferred that they have a strong familial bond and care about one another.


Neo Heroes Saga[]

Neo Heroes Uprising Arc[]

The Extended Family of Darkness suddenly appear in T-City and the Hero Association quickly designates them as disaster level Dragon. Later on, Genos arrives at the scene and they prepare to face him.[1] After exchanging blows with the group of monsters, Genos finishes the battle with an explosive blast from his core. The Extended Family of Darkness was defeated, although the battle severely damaged the hero. The majority of T-City is destroyed in the battle. This was the first dragon level threat Genos was able to suppress on his own. 

Abilities and Powers[]

Not much is known about The Extended Family of Darkness. Given that they are a Dragon level threat, it can be assumed that they are an extremely strong group. It can be assumed that they use their numbers to their advantage. Despite being defeated by Genos, they managed to destroy his right arm and leave him in critical condition at the end of the battle.


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