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Terror Lizard Clan
Ancient King
Location Mountains
Abilities Immense Strength
Energy Projection
Affiliation Mother Earth

Terror Lizards (恐竜族, Kyōryū-zoku) are dinosaur-like creatures that have come from mountains to take the surface of the earth for themselves.


The Terror Lizard Clan is a violent race who wishes to take the surface of the Earth for their own. They are colossal humanoid creatures that have various reptilian animal features, such as scales and claws. They also seem to have the ability to shoot energy beams or fire out of their mouths.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit

They awaken after 300,000,000 years of slumber, which was used to wait for the other kings to be taken out. One of them is attacked by military forces, but the missiles are proven ineffective against the Terror Lizard's skin. The Hero Association deploy Tatsumaki to take care of the threat.

List of known Terror LizardsEdit

Name Status
Ancient KingDeceased

Trivia Edit

  • The Japanese name for Terror Lizard, "kyōryū" (恐竜) is the same for "dinosaur" (which effectively means the same thing in Greek). Because of this, the Terror Lizard Clan could be also known as the Dinosaur Clan.



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