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The Terror Lizard Clan (恐竜族, Kyōryū-zoku) was a clan of dinosaurs that used to live on Earth eons ago. They were wiped out when a meteor crashed into the Earth. The Ancient King, the sole survivor of the clan, later tried to take over the surface of the Earth by himself but was killed by Tatsumaki.[1]


The Terror Lizard Clan was a violent race who used to roam the Earth. They were colossal creatures that had various reptilian animal features, such as scales and claws. The King had the ability to shoot Energy Beams from his mouth.[2]


Hero Association Saga[]

Alien Conquerors Arc[]

The Ancient King awakens after 300,000,000 years of slumber, which he spent waiting for the kings of the other clans to be taken out. He is attacked by Earth's military forces, but the missiles prove ineffective against the Terror Lizard's skin. The Hero Association deploys Tatsumaki who takes care of the Mysterious Being.[3][4]

Known Terror Lizards[]

Name Status
Ancient King Deceased †


  • Kyōryū (恐竜) literally means "Dinosaur".


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