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What a gabby garbage bag. Alright... let me teach you a lesson... the consequences of confronting us.
— Tatsumaki lecturing Evil Eye on his mistake.

Tatsumaki vs. Evil Eye was the fight between the S-Class hero Tatsumaki and the mysterious being Evil Eye of the Monster Association.


As the heroes prepare to invade the Monster Association Headquarters, they come across an army of over 150 monsters. One of these monsters is Evil Eye.


Evil Eye lifts two buildings

The monster proceeds to raise his hand and lift up two large apartment buildings. The psychic monster proceeds to explain that he was once a weak esper, but after Gyoro Gyoro implanted his eyes are from all the monsters killed by the heroes into his body, his power grew exponentially. Evil Eye slams the buildings down onto the heroes, but Tatsumaki conjures a psychic barrier which prevents the structures from falling on the heroes.

The heroes are relieved that they're saved, but the debris from the buildings falls on them, almost injuring them. Sekingar asks why she isn't protecting them, but she gives him a blank stare and asks why she has to protect them as well.

Tatsumaki and Evil Eye begin their battle

Tatsumaki looks up at Evil Eye, deriding his inferior power even after absorbing the power from all the other monsters, and tells him to just give up now. Evil Eye recognizes Tatsumaki and her sister, and says he will gouge out the eyes of both the espers to enhance his power. A green aura begins to glow around Tatsumaki, and the female esper tells the monster she'll teach him what happens if he lays a hand on either psychic sister. The two espers float into the air, their combined power kicking up several more buildings into the air and creating a very large swirling vortex in the sky.

Evil Eye defeated

While the other heroes fight the monsters on the ground, an unseen battle between Tatsumaki and Evil Eye occurs. Then, when the S-Class heroes finish fighting the monsters on the ground, a black bag falls from the sky. That black bag is revealed to be Evil Eye, whose body is compressed into his black coat. Puri-Puri Prisoner states that the monster must have had some grudge if he managed to maintain his original form after facing Tatsumaki. The female esper tells Puri-Puri Prisoner that she didn't feel a thing, and uses her psychic powers to compress Evil Eye until he completely disappears, signifying his death.


From the sky, a surveillance drone manages to capture the entire battle, but Child Emperor spots it, uses his jetpack to fly up to it, and slices it in half. Child Emperor tells Gyoro Gyoro that he won't let it see anymore, although Gyoro Gyoro has already seen plenty, it's only regret being it couldn't see King's power in battle. The rest of the heroes proceed to finish off the rest of the monsters and prepare to enter the Monster Association Headquarters.


  • The main purpose of this battle was to show how strong Tatsumaki is.[1]


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