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Tatsumaki vs. Ancient King was a short-lived battle between the S-Class hero Tatsumaki and the leader of the Terror Lizard Clan, Ancient King.


Ancient King awakens after a 300 million year slumber. Now that the other "kings" have died, he awakens to take over the world. Military forces are sent to stop him, but he is unscathed. The Hero Association deploys Tatsumaki to deal with the creature.


As Tatsumaki lands in front of the monster, her phone begins to ring. Albeit careless and talking on the phone, she orders Ancient King to be quiet as he was introducing himself. Ancient King shortly converses with her and insults her size. He then tries to stomp her, but she flies away.[1] Tatsumaki then kills the monster by crushing him with a giant rock using her telekinetic powers.[2]


The aftermath of the fight

Tatsumaki wins the fight without any difficulty as the Ancient King is crushed to death.[3]


  • The animation team misinterpreted ONE's intentions when animating the Ancient King fight. ONE only wanted Tatsumaki to drop a big boulder on Ancient King, prompting the Ancient King to have a flashback of the meteor that destroyed his race eons ago and start to scream. The meteor falling was meant to occur in the flashback, not be a feat of Tatsumaki. According to Murata, if Tatsumaki were able to pull the meteor from space, she would have been able to bring down Boros' ship without difficulty.[4]


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