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Know your place, B-Class!
— Tatsumaki to Saitama[1]

Tatsumaki (タツマキ, Tatsumaki; Viz: Tornado), also known by her hero alias Tornado of Terror (戦慄のタツマキ, Senritsu no Tatsumaki; Viz: Terrible Tornado), is the S-Class Rank 2 professional hero of the Hero Association. She is recognized as one of the Hero Association's most powerful heroes.[4][5] She is an esper and the older sister and self-declared teacher of Fubuki. She and her sister are known as the Psychic Sisters (エスパー姉妹, Esupā shimai).[6]


Tatsumaki is a petite woman, commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is. She has an adolescent face with emerald green eyes, and green hair that naturally curls up on the ends.[7] She wears a form-fitting black dress with long sleeves, and four high-cut leg slits that show off her shapely long legs and low-heeled black shoes. She is occasionally drawn in ONE's simplistic webcomic style.


Tatsumaki telling Saitama to get out of her sight

Tatsumaki has a rather brash, moody, hotheaded, and impatient personality. She is disrespectful towards most people, especially to those she deems incompetent. She is completely intolerant to those she deems impertinent, as shown when she slammed Genos into a large piece of rubble for retaliating against her verbal abuse of Saitama.[8] However, she did stop when Bang scolded her for her actions to him.[8] Tatsumaki especially dislikes being ignored or being called things like "brat" and "runt".[8]

Despite her arrogant personality, she feels obligated to defeat monsters and considers her job as a hero to be a duty, accepting any of the Hero Association's requests to defeat monsters.[9] Due to the fact that she tends to get bored when she is not fighting monsters, she also seeks monsters to fight in her own time. She has a bit of a soft side towards her little sister, Fubuki, but she is also very overprotective and controlling of her.

Tatsumaki is extremely confident in her strength. During the S-Class meeting for Waganma's rescue, she claims multiple times that no monster stands a chance against her, and even takes the situation nonchalantly to a certain extent.[10]

Deep down she has a strong dislike for anything that reminds her of her dark childhood past, such as despising the criminal monsters who involve kids like Tareo into dangerous hopeless situations.

Due to Tatsumaki's confidence in her strength and Blast's influence, she has very independent tendencies which can lead to stubbornness as she believes that she cannot go on thinking that anyone will come and save her. This is seen as Tatsumaki refuses the help of Bang, Bomb, and Fubuki and temporarily binds them in order to prevent them from helping her.

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In contrast to her younger sister, her great power and confidence make her suffer from a massive superiority complex, believing that she can beat any foe if she is in top shape. This is shown during the fight with Garou, when he adapts and surpasses all of her attacks, she assures him that she would not need more than five seconds if she was at her full power. Furthermore, even after trying in vain to defeat Saitama, she still asserts that she is much more powerful than him, showing her incapability to see or accept the fact that someone is much more powerful than her. Her superiority complex is further explained by Fubuki from the fact that Tatsumaki never faces enemies that are more powerful than herself during her day-to-day hero activities.

The superiority complex Tatsumaki has developed has prevented her from developing any humility and she has little empathy towards others. This poor self-awareness has caused her to use her power seemingly without caution or care for those around her and has often prevented her from thinking carefully about the consequences of her actions. For example, her explosive temper caused earthquakes and multiple threats that the hero association tried to respond to when she became angry at Saitama for calling her a brat and a midget. This may be part of the reason why her fellow S-Class heroes and others within the association, while very respectful of her abilities, see her as a spoiled brat and a child rather than an adult, much to her chagrin. Her poor communication skills and prideful attitude have done little to soften this initial impression and are the cause of her poor relationship with her sister.

Confidence in her ability along with past trauma have made Tatsumaki extremely self-reliant, to the point she considers friendships and relationships of any kind to be of no value. She threatened to rip all the contacts and friends out of Fubuki's life calling them parasites and believing them to be the cause of her sister's slow development, though her own poor mentorship and extremely controlling nature are the more likely cause. It has also made her very dismissive of her fellow heroes and she tends to ignore any criticism from them however valid it may be. Her confidence is not baseless, as nearly no opponents have ever proven to be more than a nuisance to her.

Despite her past and the terrible things people have done to her, she still chose to become a hero on her own and help others.[11] She is terrible at socializing and sometimes even getting along with others, but loves her sister dearly. Because of this, Tatsumaki will do anything to make her sister stronger, even if it takes some force, though she never seems to take Fubuki's opinion into account when she does so. She always solves problems physically.

As a child, Tatsumaki always thought she was the cooler one of the two; she figured this had to be true if her little sister, Fubuki, played with her all the time, although this was not the case. It was actually because the kids in their neighborhood were terrified of Tatsumaki, and it led to Fubuki getting isolated from everyone. Tatsumaki was denied any contact with her family or the outside world after being taken away, and it was because of this that she developed an overprotective nature over her sister, which led to her sister resenting her and constantly trying to separate herself from Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki's pride makes her think she is a really good sister to Fubuki, when in fact all of her actions towards Fubuki have damaged their relationship.

Abilities and Powers[]

As the second-ranked S-Class hero, Tatsumaki is extremely powerful. She is one of the most powerful heroes overall and is the most powerful esper to date.[12] Fubuki describes her as a monster much like Sweet Mask, who chooses not to advance from A-Class to S-Class to prevent weaklings from climbing up the ranks.[13] Her abilities are so great that many people believe that there exists no being that can defeat her with conventional methods and the world treats her as the association's ultimate weapon.[14] Superalloy Darkshine once told Garou that if the Hero Hunter fought Tatsumaki, he would instantly lose.[15] The extent of her power is also shown during her battle against the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, an extremely powerful monster resulting from fusing two powerful Dragon-level Mysterious Beings Psykos and Orochi, where she was capable of overwhelming the fusion, completely twisting it and causing the entire Z-City to distort simultaneously.[16][17]

Supernatural Abilities[]

Tatsumaki lifts the entire Monster Association base out of the ground

Psychokinesis: Tatsumaki is the most powerful esper in the series. Her psychokinetic output surpasses even Geryuganshoop.[12] She is capable of effortlessly stopping a very powerful bombardment attack from Boros's giant spaceship as well as sending them back at the ship with the same, if not more, force.[18] According to manga illustrator Yusuke Murata, Tatsumaki can lift the entirety of Z-City.[19] Tatsumaki can also sense when her younger sister is in danger.[20] In her brief fight against Hundred-Eyes Octopus, an enormous Demon-level monster with the size of a skyscraper if not bigger, she effortlessly sent the monster in the air and crushed it into a ball with her telekinesis power.[21] During her call from the Hero Association to discuss the rescue of Narinki's son, she asked Commander Sekingar if she couldn't just destroy the Z-City Ghost Town to find him.[22] Her psychic abilities are powerful enough to withstand Psykos increasing the gravity by 300 times.[23] At full power, she was able to lift the entire Monster Association Headquarters out of the ground while simultaneously shielding multiple other heroes inside the facility.[24]

Tatsumaki lifting many extremely gigantic rocks out of the ocean

She is capable of lifting meteor-sized boulders formation out of the ocean and tossing them at high-speed.[25] After finally being able to go wild, Tatsumaki was shown to have absolute dominance over the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, capable of completely stopping one of the fusion monster's strongest energy attacks in its tracks and tossing it away,[26] despite the attack apparently containing enough power to cut through the Earth's surface and launch a continental landmass into the sky in the process.[27] She was then able to restrain the fusion entity to the point that it could not even move a finger before destroying most of its gigantic body by telekinetically twisting it, causing the entire Z-City to subsequently distort.[28]

Warning.png Expand to see original webcomic information. Beware of spoiler content.

Like all espers, she cannot use her powers if she suffers from a head injury or any brain damage. It has been shown that Tatsumaki's powers destabilize, and to an extent become unusable, when she suffers a concussion after Psykos ambushes her from behind. She was also strong enough to lift Saitama in the air while in a weakened state, although she was only able to lift him a few feet in the air.

Flight: Tatsumaki uses psychokinesis to levitate and fly through the air at high speeds.

Tatsumaki creating a massive psychic barrier

Psychic Barriers: Tatsumaki can erect barriers that varies in size for defense. They were strong enough to withstand Orochi's combined energy blasts with only a slightly singed dress.[29] She was also able to create a barrier so great that its size enveloped large parts of Z-City, as well as being able to invert and add another layer to the barrier in order to trap any target within it, making it hard if not impossible to escape.[30] Apparently, Tatsumaki also has the ability to make her psychic barriers invisible and maintain them even when out of consciousness.[31][32]
Telepathy: Tatsumaki can use telepathy to psychically contact her sister.[33]
Her psychic barrier left her unscathed by Homeless Emperor's full-power assault. With the use of the psychic barrier, Tatsumaki's durability is even greater, being capable of surviving attacks from multiple Dragon-level monsters while she is unconscious.[11]
Chi Manipulation: An ability to immobilize and cause discomfort to a person by bending his/her life force. This power is less effective against people with strong willpower like Golden Sperm, and almost futile against those who have broken their limiter or have come close to such a feat like Saitama and Garou. According to Fubuki, attempting to use this technique on a strong-willed person is just like trying to pin a giant boulder.[34]
Psychic Remote: Tatsumaki can control TV channels using psychic power.[35]

Physical Abilities[]

Tatsumaki stops the bombardment from the giant spaceship

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Tatsumaki was fast enough to react to and save the other S-Class heroes from multiple missiles fired from Boros's spaceship.[36] She was also able to dodge multiple energy attacks from the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, an extremely powerful monster that can shoot energy beams that can cut through the Earth's surface in seconds.[37]

Enhanced Stamina and Endurance: Tatsumaki has demonstrated superhuman stamina and endurance in her battles against the Monster Association. She is able to keep fighting even after having exerted herself from using too much power and while suffering serious wounds. During the fight against the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, she managed to create a massive psychic barrier that its size enveloped large parts of Z-City as well as maintain it while still suffering heavy injuries from the battle.[38] Later, the exhaustion only left her unconscious for a very short time before being able to rejoin her battle against the fusion monster.[39] Even later, with little to no rest at all, while still severely weakened and injured and being almost in a state of unconsciousness, Tatsumaki continued to assist the other heroes in fighting the remaining high-ranked monsters of the Monster Association effectively before finally fainting as a result of complete exhaustion.[40][41][42]

She was able to repel the exploding shurikens from Speed-o'-Sound Sonic with ease. She is also able to react fast enough to erect a barrier to protect herself from an attack from Golden Sperm, an attack that S-Class members watching could not even see.

Fighting Style[]

Master Psychic Combatant: As the most powerful esper in the series, Tatsumaki possesses extreme skill in wielding her psychic abilities, whether it be for offense, defense, or miscellaneous uses. Her knowledge about psychic powers is also as vast as her skill in wielding them. Instead of relying purely in brute force, Tatsumaki has demonstrated the ability to strategize by creating a dummy of herself to distract Psykos while flying discretely beneath Psykos to target a weak point.[43]

  • Psychic Whirlwind (念流廻転嵐, Nen-ryū Kaiten Arashi): This is an anti-psychic technique. By making her psychic signals move in circles around her, Tatsumaki can create a whirlwind capable of harmlessly redirecting or deflecting psychic attacks. She developed this technique during her childhood and has further developed it into an attack.[11]
  • Psychic Binding (念動金縛り, Nen-dō Kanashibari): An ability used to suppress the power of another esper.[11]

Hero Rating[]

Tatsumaki's rating determined by the Hero Association[3]:

Ability Type Stamina Intelligence Justice Endurance Power Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability Total
Psychic 5 7 7 8 9 9 10 10 65


  • "Mental strength is secondary. All you really need is overwhelming power."[44]
  • (To Sekingar) "Do not do anything that might put my sister at risk. If she ends up getting involved in the upcoming battle against the Monster Association, I'm coming after you."[45]
  • "I don't think I can be beaten."[46]
  • (To Psykos) "When the time comes, don't go expecting someone to come save you."[47]
  • (To Fubuki) "Don't underestimate me."[48]
  • (To Fubuki) "...I can't go on thinking that anyone will come and save me. If you've grown to be a great hero, then all the more... I have to be a good example."[49]
Warning.png Expand to see original webcomic information. Beware of spoiler content.
  • "I shouldn't believe that someone will help me eventually."[50]
  • (Speaking to Saitama) "...Right. We can settle this next time. What's your name?"[51]
  • (To Fubuki) "To survive in this world... all you can do is get stronger."[52]
  • (Referring to Blast) "There's no way I can say I became a pro hero thanks to him. When will you come back, Blast?"[53]


  • Tatsumaki is ranked 6th in the character popularity poll.
  • According to the databook:
  • What she likes are her sister and training in spacious areas.[3]
  • What she dislikes are male heroes who think they're strong and being seen and called a little girl.[3]
    • Despite this, she shows King respect on numerous occasions.
  • Her hobbies are unknown.[3]
  • Tatsumaki is her real name. The origin of her hero name comes from the Hero Association wishing to honor her terrifying abilities. As a result, "Terror" was added to her name.[3]
  • Despite her look, Tatsumaki is in fact 5 years older than her sister Fubuki.
    • Lily once mistook Tatsumaki as the younger sister of Fubuki.[54] This is repeated by Do-S during her fight with Fubuki.[6]
  • Tatsumaki has a cameo appearance in Chapter 8 of Mob Psycho 100 when describing what espers are.
  • ONE has said that Tatsumaki is usually stronger than Mob, the protagonist of ONE's other work, Mob Psycho 100, but if he gets serious, he is not sure.[55]
  • Tatsumaki is obsessed with candy apples and goes to festivals just to buy them and has a fear of ghosts because of an incident with Saitama.[56]
  • Murata stated that Geryuganshoop's ability to control flying objects should be above Tatsumaki, because he can eliminate the friction between rocks and air. If Tatsumaki throws rocks as he does, her output will be too powerful, the temperature will increase due to friction and pressure, and evaporate the rocks in an instant. Geryuganshoop's psychokinesis can eliminate the friction between objects and air, the rocks will fly at sub-light speed. Tatsumaki can throw very large objects, but there's a limit to how fast she can throw them.[12]
  • During a stream when Murata was describing what ethnicity the characters would be in the real world, Murata stated the Psychic sisters look French due to their fashion sense.[57]
  • The animation team misinterpreted ONE's intentions when animating the Ancient King fight. ONE only wanted Tatsumaki to drop a big boulder on Ancient King, prompting the Ancient King to have a flashback of the meteor that destroyed his race eons ago and start to scream. The meteor falling was meant to occur in the flashback, not be a feat of Tatsumaki. According to Murata, if Tatsumaki were able to pull the meteor from space, she would have been able to bring down Boros' ship without difficulty.[58]
  • In the 2017 One-Punch Man Halloween cover, Tatsumaki was depicted as a typical witch flying on a broom. In the cover, she wears a witch hat, an orange scarf, and orange Jack-O'-Lantern-themed pants, while retaining her black dress. She also wears long striped socks.
  • ONE stated that Tatsumaki in her best shape could have beaten Golden Sperm.[55]


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