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Taste (味, Aji, Viz: Sense) is a special chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series included with Volume 10, Bonus Manga 2.


King is showing Saitama a new anime series about a superhero who uses baked potatoes as weapons, telling him to that it is very popular much to Saitama's uncertainty. Genos arrives from the cleaners with his hero uniform, much to Saitama's excitement while King is questioning the matter. Saitama explains he entered a hero costume contest and asks King to join him, since there is prize money, but King declines. Saitama announces his leave only for King to wonder if he has nothing to do.

At the center, Saitama and Genos notice a crying boy, wearing only a pair of shorts. The boy informs them that he is always bullied, because of the tacky way he dresses, and the bullies took his clothes earlier, while his ticket was in his jacket. Saitama gives the boy his hero uniform and tells him to go home. Genos wonders how will Saitama win the contest without his costume only for Saitama to have backup clothes underneath, which he won from Mouse Sushi by filling out a stamp card, much to Genos' shock and appal by it.

The contest begins with the judges being introduced. The first contestant is Darkness Blade who gets a score of 16 out of 30 and some harsh comments. Saitama appears last. While walking down the catwalk, many comments were made with Saitama informing everyone he is a B-Class hero and will show them his special power - he can wiggle his ears.

The head judge Torajirou criticized Saitama for his lack of fashion sense and scorns him as a horrible person, based on his clothes, not allowing Saitama to speak. Just as the judges were about to give him his score, Game-Berus appears at the stadium attacking the audience. The heroes that were there were easily defeated, and just as the monster was hurling towards the judges, Saitama stepped in and killed it with one punch. This action gained favor in Saitama from the audience, nevertheless he received a total score of 8. As he was heading home, he meets the boy and he returns Saitama's hero uniform, thanking him. Genos realized the lesson he learned was to focus on skill rather than appearance and writes it in his notebook.

After the contest was over, Torajirou is surprised to see his son outside the stadium, asking him about his different outfit. Torao explains he doesn't like the clothes he was given, as Saitama taught him to never let anyone tell him what to like or not. Hearing his son's words Torajirou started to doubt his philosophy and began to have a different perspective.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Saitama (Cover)
  2. Genos (Cover)
  3. King
  4. Torao (Debut)
  5. Emcee (Debut)
  6. Double Fall (Debut)
  7. Reclusamurai (Debut)
  8. Ecolo G
  9. Cleyopatra (Debut)
  10. Natalie Ver. 9
  11. Torajirou (Debut)
  12. Darkness Blade
  13. Gasmask Cowboy
  14. Chain'n'toad
  15. Studless
  16. Game-Berus (Debut)
  17. Dynamite Man
  18. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic (Mentioned)
  19. Fubuki(Mentioned)
  20. Bang (Mentioned)
  21. Mumen Rider (Mentioned)


  • In the volume release, this chapter was renamed Sense (センス, Sensu).


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