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Tanktop Swimmer (タンクトップスイマー, Tankutoppu Suimā) is a member of the Tank Topper Army.


Much like the other heroes with the Tanktop motif, Tanktop Swimmer is a muscular man with a tank top and short hair.


Not much is known about Tanktop Swimmer's personality.


Human Monster Saga[]

Hero Hunt Arc[]

Tanktop Swimmer with the rest of the members of Tank Topper Army went in search of the Hero Hunter. The human monster turns out to be a formidable opponent, as he immediately beats Tanktop Vegetarian and threatens to kill everyone else. Tanktop Master then intervenes.

Tanktop Swimmer later witnesses the defeat of Mumen Rider and Tanktop Master. He and the Tank Topper Army then attack Garou, but are all defeated and hospitalized.

Super Fight Arc[]

Tanktop Swimmer fights in the corridors of Hero Association Hospital against members of Monster Association with his brothers.

Monster Association Arc[]

During the battle between the heroes and the fusion of Psykos and Orochi in Z-City, Tanktop Swimmer along with the Tanktop Army listen to Tanktop Rockabilly giving a speech in front of a memorial created by Tanktop Master in the wall of the hospital. Shortly after, he and all of the members of the team depart for Tanktop Master.

Later, after arriving at the battlefield, Tanktop Swimmer along with his team and the other heroes help civilians evacuate in a rescue helicopter.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Big Construction[]

After the Dark Matter Thieves invasion, the Tank Toppers were alerted about the arrival of a large machine descending upon the Headquarters. Tanktop Swimmer and the other Tank Toppers arrive to stop the drones sent out by the machine but are largely unable to prevent its intervention. Only after realizing that the machine was controlled by Metal Knight to reconstruct A-City into the Hero Association's new headquarters did he and the other Tank Toppers step down.[1]

Abilities & Powers[]

Not much is known about his abilities.


  • He is good at crawl style, but his legs move horizontally for some reason.


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