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Big ConstructionEdit

Tanktop Master is training at the Hero Association HQ while grumbling about surpassing psychic powers. He is called upon to defend the base when dozens of robots start heading towards the HQ. While Tanktop Master destroyed one of the robots, it turns out they belonged to Bofoi and were sent to clear up the rubble and rebuild the A-City. Tanktop Master realizing his powerlessness decides to redouble his training to surpass both Machine power and psychic power.[1]


Tanktop Master makes a cameo appearence when talking about the Tank-Toppers.


The Murder Case That Is Too ImpossibleEdit

Tanktop Master joins his fellow S-Class at a resort. Zombieman is murdered and they must figure out who the murderer is.[2]

Video GamesEdit

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody KnowsEdit

Tanktop Master is a playable character in the video game, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.


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