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Tanktop Hatter (タンクトップハッター, Tankutoppu Hattā) is a member of the Tank Topper Army.


Much like the other heroes with the Tanktop motif, Tanktop Hatter is a muscular man with a tank top. He sports medium length hair and a bowler hat.


Not much is known about Tanktop Hatter's personality.


Tanktop Hatter started wearing a hat as his lucky charm because an oracle told him so.

At some point he joined the Hero Association.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Hero Hunt ArcEdit

He appeared assisting his brothers and Mumen Rider against Garou. He later gets beat up with the rest of the Tank Topper.

Monster Raid ArcEdit

He is seen in the hospital fighting against the monsters who were attacking it.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Not much is known about his abilities, it is also unknown what class and rank he is. He is seen helping fight off the Tiger and Wolf level monsters with the other tank toppers.


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