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Tanktop Girl (タンクトップガール, Tankutoppu Gāru) is the only female member of the Tank Topper Army.


Tank Top Girl Swimsuit

Tanktop Girl from Volume 21

Tanktop Girl is a young girl with short dark blonde hair. Like the rest of the Tank Topper Army, she wears a tank top, torn jeans and black wristbands.


Not much is known about Tanktop Girl's personality, but she respects the Tanktop Master very much. She does not participate often because she believes the other members of the Tank Topper Army are weird.[1]


Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

She is seen helping her brothers fight off the monsters attacking the hospital.[2]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Big ConstructionEdit

After the Dark Matter Thieves invasion and the Tank Toppers being alerted to the arrival of a large machine descending upon the Headquarters. Tank Top Girl and the other Tank Toppers arrive to stop the drones sent out by the machine, but are largely unable to prevent its intervention. Only after realizing that the machine was controlled by Metal Knight to reconstruct A-City into the Hero Association Fortress did she and the other Tank Toppers step down.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Not much is known about her abilities, since her rank and class are unconfirmed. She has been shown to fight with her fellow Tank toppers against wolf or tiger level monsters invading the hospital.


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