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Current Order of Classes Edit

Whose idea was it to sort the rankes heroes by Unranked heroes first then go from C up to S Classes? Not only does this make no sense from a standpoint of how rankings are typically listed, it also is inconistant with the way the ranks in each individual class are listed with the highest ranks being at the top and the lowest being at the bottom. Why should classes be sorted by ascending order while ranks are sorted by descending order? Again, it makes no sense. But most importantly, the higher rankes heroes are the heroes that most people are going to come to this page looking for. Do you think they want to wade through some nobody unranked heroes and unimportant Rank C heroes to get to them? It's inconvenient for everyone involved. This needs to be changed immiediately and I think I'll step up to the task if no one else will. -Nahald (talk) 06:32, June 9, 2017 (UTC)

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