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Huhuhu... I'm so happy to meet you. Just between you and me... I'm actually a fan of yours.
— Do-S playfully taunting Sweet Mask.

Sweet Mask vs. Do-S and Narinki's Private Squad was the battle between the A-Class hero Sweet Mask and the Demon-level Mysterious Being Do-S along with her love slaves, Narinki's Private Squad.

Prelude Edit

Sweet Mask orders Atomic Samurai's disciples to flee. Do-S asks his reason for doing so; Sweet Mask replies by saying they would only get in the way, and that he didn't want them seeing what he was about to do. Do-S comments on his looks and admits she's a fan of his, proceeding to unhook her mask, revealing a snake-like tongue and asks him to "spend some quality time together". She also offers to release Narinki's Private Squad of her mind control if he agrees to her conditions, but Sweet mask says that bargaining with him was useless, telling them to prepare for death. Despite this, Do-S is still determined to make him her love slave.

Battle Edit

RIP Narkinki Squad

Sweet Mask kills Narinki's Private Squad

Do-S orders her love slaves to attack, and the private squad lunges at Sweet Mask. The veins in Sweet Mask's neck bulge, along with the veins in his eyes, and with seemingly minimal effort, rips apart all of the love slaves, dismembering their limbs, blowing holes through them, and permanently ending their lives.

Sweet Mask killing Big Sadist

Sweet Mask mercilessly kills Do-S

Do-S is shocked by Sweet Mask's lack of hesitation, and wonders if this is truly the same hero she was familiar with. Do-S yells in anger, and swings her whip at Sweet Mask, but to her disbelief, Sweet Mask manages to block and completely resist her mind control.

Seeing as how she is completely outmatched and with no love slaves remaining to assist her, her true cowardice shows, and she falls to her knees and begs for mercy. Sweet Mask stands over her and watches as she surrenders and promises to follow his orders, going so far as to call him master and giving him total dominance over her. Sweet Mask grabs her chin, causing her to smile in hopes of being spared, but unfortunately for her, Sweet Mask isn't willing to show her mercy, and tells her to die as he presumably kills her by some unknown means off-screen.

Aftermath Edit

With this victory, Sweet Mask continues on his rampage throughout the Monster Association headquarters, forever freeing any love slaves from the mind control of Do-S.

Trivia Edit

  • Do-S replaced Goddess Glasses's role in the webcomic due to being a design from another mangaka back when ONE was still unemployed.[1]
  • Her death is rather ironic, as she completely submitted to Sweet Mask's will and was prepared to be his slave, just like she makes her love slaves submit to her will.
  • Minus Nariki's Private Squad, this fight went about the same as its webcomic counterpart.


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