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The Surly Brothers (無愛想ブラザーズ, Buaisō burazāzu; Viz: Blunt Brothers) are a group of brothers made up of the A-Class hero Smile Man, the B-Class hero Crying Man, and the C-Class hero Angry Man.


The group consists of three brothers: Smile Man, Crying Man, and Angry Man. They never managed to become popular despite putting smiley faces on their uniforms to try and get more popular. They realized that their goal is to exterminate as many monsters as possible.

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Disaster LevelEdit

The brothers first appear to defeat the monster Macho Daikon. The monster was easily defeated by the brothers despite being called a Demon-level monster. They were then told by the Hero Association to take out another monster near the area. The monster, Withered Sprout, pretended to act weak and easily disposed of the brothers by freezing them. Withered Sprout was thought to be a Wolf-level threat, but was later suggested to be a Dragon-level threat.[1]


Name Position Status
Smile ManMemberActive
Crying ManMemberActive
Angry ManMemberActive


  • Surly means unfriendly, rude, uncommunicative. Despite this, none of them display such negative behavioral tendencies.


  1. One-Punch Man Omake; Disaster Level


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