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If you dare anger me... these muscles will not hold back.
— Superalloy Darkshine taunting Bug God.

Superalloy Darkshine vs. Bug God was the fight between the S-Class hero Superalloy Darkshine and the Demon-level mysterious being Bug God of the Monster Association.


While roaming through the Monster Association Headquarters, Superalloy Darkshine comes across Bug God, and the two engage in battle.


Bug God attacks Superalloy Darkshine

Bug God attacks Superalloy Darkshine with a flurry of punches, which the hero tanks head-on. Bug God is confused as to why Superalloy Darkshine is motionless, and asks the hero why he doesn't fight back.

Superalloy Darkshine goes on to say that when he heard Bug God's boast of being an invincible monster whose power symbolizes the strength of insects, he was discouraged, yet wanted to feel the power Bug God claimed he possessed. However, Darkshine then berates Bug God, telling him that his strength had fallen well below his expectations, and even worse, Bug God is an insect who does not even give off a dark shine.

Superalloy Darkshine continues by saying there are three heroes that one cannot afford to anger. King, (without knowing his true nature), Tatsumaki, and himself. Despite the hero's boasts, Bug God is not intimidated, and tells Superalloy Darkshine that he will face the consequences of angering himself. He in turn says that Garou's punches were completely ineffective against him, comparing his carapace to an iron fortress, and also that the explosive power he can unleash with his insect body is in an entirely different dimension than any mere humans.

Superalloy Darkshine effortlessly kills Bug God

Bug God begins to transform, revealing a far more menacing form, wings, and four other arms. He tells Superalloy Darkshine that his entire body is like a weapon, and he will tear his muscles to shreds. However, Superalloy Darkshine is not impressed, instead chiding Bug God for being reckless. Bug God then strikes Superalloy Darkshine with a string of punches using all six arms, although this time, Superalloy Darkshine makes no effort to defend himself from the monster's punches, and blows apart Bug God's upper body with only a single punch. Superalloy Darkshine says once again that Bug God was too reckless, and boasts that even he himself knows no way of hurting his body.


Superalloy Darkshine notices the headquarters shaking, and believes someone is fighting a cadre. He remarks that if he doesn't come across a cadre, his muscles will become demotivated, so he continues wandering through the labyrinth of the Monster Association Headquarters.


  • This is one of the few battles in which the manga version and the webcomic version are practically identical.


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