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The Super Fight (スーパーファイト, Sūpāfaito) is a martial arts tournament hosted in the C-City Super Stadium every six months that invites acknowledged dojos to send members to compete.[1]


The Super Fight has been used by some as a way to promote their dojos or their names.[2] There have been 22 tournaments so far.[3] The first Super Fight was highly publicized and had the largest amount of participation as well as broke all records of attendance.[4]

Super Fight Winners[]

Winner Number of Wins Tournament(s)
Bakuzan 2 Unknown
Bang 1 Unknown
Garou (as Wolfman) 1 21st
Gouketsu 1 1st
Suiryu 5 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 22nd

22nd Super Fight[]


Contestant Martial Art
"Charanko" Water Polo Carbonated Fist
Bakuzan Dark Hell Assassination Art
Zakos Head First Rushing Style
Sour Face Sourface Style Kenpo
Jakumen Giga Pro Wrestling
Mentai Spice Fist
Choze The Fist of the Pure Blood Master Race
Rosie Psycho Analysis Martial Arts
Dave Giant Style Crushing
Hamukichi Sunflower Dojo's Gentle Self Defense
Gatlin Multi-Hit Style
Bazuzu Bazuzu Nuclear Explosive Fist
Volten Thunder Thunder Fist
Sneck Biting Snake Fist
Benpatsu Harsh Path Style
Lin Lin Palm Bell Fist
Max Hyper Karate
Suiryu Void Fist

Preliminary Matches[]

Match Combatants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
1 Max vs. Lin Lin 61 17 Max wins
2 Saitama (Posing as Charanko) vs. Zakos 61 17 Saitama wins
3 Max vs. Suiryu 62 18 Suiryu wins
4 Sneck vs. Benpatsu 63 18 Sneck wins
5 Bazuzu vs. Volten 63 18 Volten wins
6 Hamukichi vs. Gatlin 63 18 Gatlin wins
7 Dave vs. Rosie 63 18 Dave wins
8 Choze vs. Mentai 63 18 Choze wins
9 Sour Face vs. Jakumen 63 18 Sour Face wins
10 Saitama (Posing as Charanko) vs. Bakuzan 64 18 Saitama wins


Match Combatants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
1 Sneck vs. Suiryu 66 18 Suiryu wins
2 Gatlin vs. Volten 67 None Volten wins
3 Choze vs. Dave 67 None Choze wins
4 Saitama (Posing as Charanko) vs. Sour Face ​​​​​ 67 19 Saitama wins


Match Combatants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
1 Volten vs. Suiryu 69 19 Suiryu wins
2 Choze vs. Saitama (Posing as Charanko) 69 19 Saitama wins


Match Combatants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
1 Saitama (Posing as Charanko) vs. Suiryu 70 19 Saitama is disqualified


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