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Suiryu, Sneck, and Lightning Max vs. The Three Crows was the fight between Suiryu, Max, and Sneck and the Demon-level monsters The Three Crows.


Bakuzan eats multiple monster cells

After Gouketsu had finished toying with Suiryu, the monster hands Suiryu over to The Three Crows to finish him off, beginning the first part of the battle. Suiryu asks Bakuzan for help, but the latter consumes multiple monster cells and collapses from overdose. With no heroes or martial artists left to help him, Gouketsu mocks Suiryu and says that now there will be no one to see him cry and scream.


Lightning Max uses his Lightning Flash Kick

Accepting his imminent defeat, one of the Crows is about to pierce Suiryu with its beak, but out of nowhere, Sneck intervenes and protects Suiryu with his Coiling Defense. Lightning Max joins in and attacks the Crow with his Lightning Flash Kick.

Sneck uses his Coiling Defense

Suiryu is surprised at how he was saved by the two heroes, how they'd even changed their clothes, and asks them whey they came back. The two heroes simultaneously say that they came to save Suiryu. They also tell Suiryu that with their new equipment, they are more powerful than they were in the tournament, and they urge Suiryu to attack one of the Crows while they all attack at once. The Three Crows lunge at the martial artists, who are prepared and each strike the Crows with their respective martial arts, killing the Crows and making them the victors.


Afterward, Suiryu thanks the heroes and tells them they should run away. However, Sneck and Max decide to stand up to Gouketsu while Suiryu runs away. Suiryu is later caught by a transformed Bakuzan and is severely beaten while Sneck and Max are defeated off-screen.

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