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Suiko (スイコ, Suiko) is the A-Class Rank 40 professional hero of the Hero Association. She is a martial artist and a user of Void Fist. She is the younger sister of Suiryu and the granddaughter of Suicho.


Suiko is a young woman with a lean build. She has dark eyes, tan skin, and short black hair. She wears a dark Chinese-style martial art uniform with white linings, long sleeves, and star-shaped buttons.


Suiko is an easygoing woman, if not a little naive. She is somewhat arrogant as to occasionally overrate her own abilities but is not afraid of improving herself.


Neo Heroes SagaEdit

Supreme Hero ArcEdit

Suiko is approached by a Hero Association scouting group in her grandfather's dojo. The group asks for Suicho and wants to make him an S-Class hero, only for Suiko to tell them he is dead, so she offers to become a hero in his place.[1] She travels to the Hero Association headquarters and is escorted to a training room by staff. On the way, she is asked about her brother Suiryu, who the association wants to contact for hero work as well. Suiko replies, saying that she would be a much more reliable hero than Suiryu. After a quick bout where she easily destroys a training robot, she is given an A-Class position, much to her disappointment, her original goal being landing in S-Class. Even so, she promises to herself she will make a name for herself as a hero.[2]

Suiko is next seen outside of the Hero Association headquarters, spectating the complaints of the Hero Name Victims Association and noting the group as heroes she doesn't want to become. After hearing the announcement warning of 5 Dragon-level monsters being spotted, she heads to Y-City to confront Mirror.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a student and granddaughter of Suicho, inventor of the Void Fist, Suiko is a very powerful fighter and can be assumed to be around the same level as Suiryu, although Suiko claims to be stronger than him. Unlike her brother, she is more disciplined and takes on improving her own skills more seriously. Suiko was able to secure an A-Class rating from the Hero Association after only a brief demonstration.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: Suiko naturally has impressive strength, likely due to her relation to her grandfather. She was able to easily destroy one of the Hero Association's training robots with her Void Revolving Tortoise Fist.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Suiko possesses an extreme amount of speed and reflexes. She was able to easily dodge a punch from a training robot of the Hero Association and destroy it before it could retaliate.

Fighting StyleEdit

Suiko performing the Void Revolving Tortoise Fist

Suiko performing the Void Revolving Tortoise Fist against a training robot.

Master Martial Artist: Suiko is a well accomplished martial artist and claims to be stronger than her brother.

  • Void Fist (冥躰拳, Meitei-ken; Viz: The Dark Body Art[4] or Dark Corporal Fist[5]): This style focuses on maximizing damage output, while keeping a consistent flow of damage.[6][7] The martial art utilizes shifting the user's center of gravity for attack and defense.[8]
    • Void Revolving Tortoise Fist (冥躰廻亀拳, Meitei Kaiki ken): A technique similar to Void Sky Dragon Fist. It is shown to be strong enough to pulverize a Hero Association training robot. 


  • In ONE's first storyboard, Suiryu was Lin Lin's brother. ONE ended up using the sibling idea to create Suiko.
  • In one of Murata's streams when describing what ethnicity the characters would be in the real world, Murata stated Suiryu looks Italian.[9] Meaning he would likely think the same for Suiko considering the large resemblance she bears to her brother.
  • Suiko's name is a pun on 遂行 (Suikou), "Accomplishment".


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