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An unnamed office worker who was affected by the Three-Eyed Ghost's venom breath, making him try to commit suicide before he was saved by Saitama.


He looks like a tired and stressed middle-aged man. Dressed in a shirt and tie, as a casual office worker. The look in his eyes shows he has lost everything. He has a growing beard, showing he is not looking after himself.


When he is first seen, he looks hopeless and wishes to die. He refuses the help of anyone, especially heroes as he believes they can't get through to him as all they want is to "bathe in praise" from saving him. He is a hard worker, claiming he sweat blood working to provide for his family and the company he works for. This shows his devotion for who he cares for. He doesn't feel he can be free either, as "only the young can do that."

In secret, he does not actually want to jump, he just wanted someone who cared for him to save him. When almost slipping he is terrified of dying, this wakes him up to the reality that he wants to stay alive.




He is about to jump from the top of a building in Z-City, it just so happened to be where Saitama was eating his lunch. It is revealed that he wishes to commit suicide because his wife and kids have left him after he got laid off, leaving him all alone. When he is about to jump off, he notices Saitama, who was sitting next to him the entire time after the hero had spoken to him. He is later saved by the bald hero after having his leg slipped, causing him to fall from the building. He soon walks home telling everyone that it was not an act. He feels grateful that Saitama saved him, saying to himself "that hero was too good for me."