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Suicho (スイチョー, Suichō) was a martial arts master and the creator and teacher of Void Fist.


Suicho was an elderly man. He had tan skin and short white hair. He wore a dark Chinese-style martial arts uniform with white linings, long sleeves, and star-shaped buttons. The same uniform both of his Grandchildren wear currently.


Little is known about Suicho, though he was considered stubborn by Suiko.


At some point, Suicho developed the Void Fist, which he decided to teach to his two grandchildren.

Suicho would often spar with his grandson, Suiryu, and presumably his granddaughter, Suiko, as well.

Suicho passed away two years ago.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He was a highly proficient martial artist and martial arts teacher, having taught Void Fist to his disciples Suiryu and Suiko, whom are also incredibly skilled in the art. It is stated any famous martial artist would vouch for him and, according to one of the Hero Association scouts, is the only person who could fill the void that Bang created when he retired from the Hero Association.[1]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Master Martial Artist: Suicho was an extremely accomplished martial artist, having created his own martial art and teaching other excellent martial artists.

  • Void Fist (冥躰拳, Meitei-ken; Viz: The Dark Body Art[2] or Dark Corporal Fist[3]): This style focuses on maximizing damage output, while keeping a consistent flow of damage.[4][5] The martial art utilizes shifting the user's center of gravity for attack and defense.[1]


Suicho's name and fate might be a reference to 衰兆 (Suichou), "Decline".


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