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The Subterranean King (地底王, Chitēō) was the king of the Subterranean People. He led his people from below the crust to conquer the surface above. He was killed by Saitama.[2]


Like the Subterranean People, the Subterranean King had a humanoid appearance but was about double the size of the average human being. He was covered with black, armor-like pieces, with blue lava running in the space between them. He had three narrow eyes and four arms, each with three fingers. In each of his hands, he carried a blue magma blade.

In the manga, his armor was brown in coloration with yellow/reddish magma swimming through his body which matches the common known colors of an active volcano. His blades also have the same color as magma.


The Subterranean King seemed to be rather confident in his abilities but was defeated almost instantly.


Introduction SagaEdit

Saitama Introduction ArcEdit

Saitama vs. Subterranean King reality

The Subterranean King being killed by Saitama

Subterrarean King Statue

Statue of Subterranean King

Saitama has a dream where he is attacked by the Subterranean People, and after a hard battle where he defeats them all the Subterranean King shows up for one last fight. Right before they start to fight, Saitama's dream ends. Upon waking up Saitama notices that the Subterraneans truly have shown up, and leaps at a chance to fight them. However, when the Subterranean King does show up he is defeated instantly and his people surrender and scamper back underground.[3]

Monster Association ArcEdit

During the fight between Child Emperor and the resurrected Phoenix Man, a wall sculpture of the Subterranean King is seen, along with two centipedes encircling him. His people are also revealed to have been killed by the Monster Association.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nothing is known of the Subterranean King's powers due to his quick death but it is presumed that he is a skilled swordsman. He is on the same level as the Deep Sea King and the Sky King.[5] He was the ruler of an army of powerful subterranean Mysterious Beings.

Fighting StyleEdit

Swordsman: Given his choice of weapons, the Subterranean King likely has some swordsmanship skills. It is unknown how skilled he actually is, due to his quick death at the hands of Saitama.


Swords: The Subterranean King carries four very large flaming swords, one for each arm. His swords emit powerful heat like lava and each cleave cuts and burns his enemy.[1]

Major BattlesEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Subterranean King vs. Saitama 4 1 Loss



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