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Introduction Saga

Saitama Introduction Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
1st Punch: One Punch Chapter 1 Episode 1
2nd Punch: Crab Job Hunting Chapter 2 Episode 1
3rd Punch: A Dangerous Being Chapter 3 Episode 1
4th Punch: Dark Undergrounders Chapter 4 Episode 1

House of Evolution Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
5th Punch: Itch Explosion Chapter 5 Episode 2
6th Punch: Saitama Chapter 6 Episode 2
7th Punch: Mysterious Raid Chapter 7 Episode 2
8th Punch: You Mean This Guy? Chapter 8 Episode 2
9th Punch: House of Evolution Chapter 9 Episode 3
10th Punch: Modern Art Chapter 10 Episode 3
11th Punch: The Key To His Power Chapter 11 Episode 3

Paradise Group Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
12th Punch: Paradise Group Chapter 12 Episode 4
13th Punch: Speed Chapter 13 Episode 4
14th Punch: Don't Know You Chapter 14 Episode 4
15th Punch: Hobby Work Chapter 15 Episode 4

Hero Association Saga

National Superhero Registry Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
16th Punch: Passed The Exam Chapter 16 Episode 5
17th Punch: Sparring Chapter 17 Episode 5
18th Punch: Business Activity Chapter 18 Episode 6
19th Punch: No Time For This Chapter 19 Episode 6

Rumored Monster Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
20th Punch: Rumor None Episode 6

Giant Meteor Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
21st Punch: Giant Meteor Chapter 20, 21, 22 Episode 7
22nd Punch: Voices Chapter 22, 23 Episode 7

Sea Monster Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
23rd Punch: Threat From The Sea Chapter 24 Episode 8
24th Punch: Sea King Chapter 25, 26, 27, 28 Episode 8
25th Punch: Glimmer of Hope Chapter 29 Episode 8, 9
26th Punch: Beat-Up But Shining Chapter 30 Episode 9
27th Punch: Because It's Raining Chapter 31 Episode 9
28th Punch: B-Class None Episode 9

Alien Conquerors Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
29th Punch: S-Class Chapter 32 Episode 10
30th Punch: Great Prophecy Chapter 33 Episode 10
31st Punch: From Space... Chapter 34, 35 Episode 10
32nd Punch: Counter Chapter 35, 36 Episode 10
33rd Punch: Guys Who Don't Listen Chapter 37 Episode 11
34th Punch: Are You Stupid? Chapter 38, 39 Episode 11, 12
35th Punch: The Power of Boros Chapter 40 Episode 11, 12
36th Punch: Crash Chapter 40, 41 Episode 12

King Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
37th Punch: King Chapter 42, 43 Episode 13
38th Punch: That Person Chapter 44 Episode 13

Human Monster Saga

Garou Introduction Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
39th Punch: Outlaw Chapter 45 Episode 13
40th Punch: The Man Who Wants To Be A Monster Chapter 46 Episode 14

The Blizzard Group Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
41st Punch: Blizzard Group Chapter 47 Episode 14
42nd Punch: Don't Look Down On It! Chapter 48 Episode 14
43rd Punch: Accelerate Chapter 49 Episode 14
44th Punch: Hero Name Chapter 50 Episode 14

Hero Hunt Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
45th Punch: Hero Hunt Chapter 51 Episode 15
46th Punch: Technique Chapter 52 Episode 15
47th Punch: Banana None Episode 15
48th Punch: I'm Bored Anyway None Episode 15
49th Punch: Ride in Tone! None Episode 15
50th Punch: Cover None Episode 15

Monster Raid Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
51st Punch: Don't Put It Back! None Episode 16
52nd Punch: Waiting Room None Episode 16
53rd Punch: Waiting Room Part 2 None Episode 16
54th Punch: Centipede None Episode 16
55th Punch: Fighting Spirit None Episode 16
56th Punch: Meddling None Episode 16
57th Punch: Meddling Continued None Episode 16
58th Punch: Creeping Darkness None Episode 17
59th Punch: Only You None Episode 17
60th Punch: Admission None Episode 17
61st Punch: Dark Horse None Episode 17
62nd Punch: Reason for Seeking None Episode 18
63rd Punch: Games and Combat None Episode 18
64th Punch: Limit None Episode 18
65th Punch: Sisters None Episode 18

Super Fight Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
66th Punch: The Strong None Episode 18
67th Punch: Outside the Norm None Episode 19
68th Punch: Great Battle Power None Episode 19
69th Punch: Monster Cells None Episode 19
70th Punch: Being Strong Is Fun None Episode 19
71st Punch: Martial Arts Means...!! None Episode 19, 20
72nd Punch: Monsterization None Episode 20
73rd Punch: Resistance of the Strong None Episode 20
74th Punch: Depths of Despair None Episode 20
75th Punch: Anomaly None Episode 21
76th Punch: Stagnation and Growth None Episode 21
77th Punch: Bored As Usual None Episode 21

Monster Association Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter Episode
78th Punch: Those Who Move In The Dark None Episode 21
79th Punch: Infinite Combo Chapter 53 (7-10) Episode 21, 22
80th Punch: Surrounded None Episode 22
81st Punch: Willpower None Episode 22
82nd Punch: To The Limit Chapter 53 (Partially) Episode 23
83rd Punch: The Cruel Staircase Chapter 53, 54 (Partially) Episode 23
84th Punch: Escalation Chapter 54 (Partially) Episode 24
85th Punch: Is it Because I'm Caped Baldy? Chapter 55 (Partially) N/A
86th Punch: Hideout Chapter 55 (Partially) N/A
87th Punch: Monster Nature Chapter 55 (Partially) N/A
88th Punch: Limiter Chapter 56 N/A
89th Punch: Hot Pot Chapter 57 N/A
90th Punch: Because I'm a Monster Chapter 58 (Partially) N/A
91st Punch: Rover Chapter 58, 59 (Partially) N/A
92nd Punch: Manhole Chapter 59 (Partially) N/A
93rd Punch: Let's Go None N/A
94th Punch: I See None N/A
95th Punch: Speedster Chapter 60 (Partially) N/A
96th Punch: The Time is Now Chapter 60 (Partially) N/A
97th Punch: Backpack Chapter 60 (Partially) N/A
98th Punch: Tears of Regret None N/A
99th Punch: Heat Up None N/A
100th Punch: Light None N/A
101st Punch: Zombieman Chapter 60 (Partially) N/A
102nd Punch: Sweet Mask Chapter 60 (Partially) N/A
103rd Punch: Viewer-Prohibited Battle Chapter 60 (Partially) N/A
104th Punch: Superhuman Chapter 61 (Partially) N/A
105th Punch: Love Revolution None N/A
106th Punch: A Clash of Power Chapter 61, 64 (Partially) N/A
107th Punch: Strong Enemy Chapter 62 (Partially) N/A
108th Punch: Orochi vs Saitama None N/A
109th Punch: Fake Chapter 62 (Partially) N/A
110th Punch: Atomic Samurai Chapter 62 (Partially) N/A
111th Punch: Terrible Multiplying Bastard Chapter 63 (Partially) N/A
112th Punch: The Power of Light Chapter 63, 64 (Partially) N/A
113th Punch: Terrible Luck Chapter 64, 65 (Partially) N/A
114th Punch: Executives Chapter 65 (Partially) N/A
115th Punch: Encounter Chapters 62, 65, 66 (Partially) N/A
116th Punch: Playtime None N/A
117th Punch: Cornered Rat None N/A

Unnamed Saga

Webcomic notice This article contains webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

Psychic Sisters Arc

Webcomic Chapter
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Chapter 97
Chapter 98
Chapter 99
Chapter 100
Chapter 101
Chapter 102
Chapter 103
Chapter 104
Chapter 105
Chapter 106

Ninja Arc

Webcomic Chapter
Chapter 107
Chapter 108
Chapter 109
Chapter 110
Chapter 111
Chapter 112
Chapter 113
Chapter 114
Chapter 115
Chapter 116

Arc Notes

  • Murata has stated on his UStream channel that ONE still does all of the storyboard and the editor work for chapters that were not in the original webcomic, for example the extension of the Hero Hunt Arc and the inclusion of the Super Fight Arc.[1][2] However, Murata makes suggestions for the fights and certain dialogue, for example the fight between Genos, Bomb, and Bang against Elder Centipede.[3][4]
  • Murata considered coloring the whole Alien Conquerors Arc.[5]


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