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Stinger (スティンガー, Sutingā) is the A-Class Rank 10 professional hero of the Hero Association.


Stinger is a tall and lean-built young man with spiky black hair. He wears a tight black suit, which appears to be made of bandages. He carries a large spear with him that has a brown handle and a large spearhead at the end.


Stinger is a confident and charismatic individual who takes pride in both his hero rank and popularity in polls. He seems to overestimate the threat level of monster, thinking he defeated a God level threat, only to be a Tiger level. However, he is not reckless. He did not utilize one of his signature moves against the Sea Folk until the bystanders had vacated from the area. He also stopped his attack from hitting a fellow hero that Garou used as a shield.

He is happy to work together with other heroes, and is unwilling to abandon them when they're in danger; he rushed to Glasses' aid when Garou was beating him up, and also helped Lighting Genji stand on his feet after he was exhausted. However, he is susceptible to goading, and is quick to react to taunts.

He also seems to challenge monsters who are above his capabilities.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a high ranking A-Class hero, Stinger is a very skilled and powerful fighter. He is able to defeat monsters of disaster level Tiger on his own, and was able to severely damage a child Grizzly Nyah, a disaster level Demon monster, with a single thrust of his spear.[3] This is impressive considering that it takes an S-Class hero to beat a Demon level threat. Okame-Chan estimated his body strength to be 1600, which is higher than Darkness Blade and a bear, but lower than Child Emperor and Great Philosopher. He was able to reach the top ten of the A-Class within six months of joining the Hero Association.[1]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: Stinger's thrusts have enough power behind them to mutilate and kill Tiger and Wolf level threats of the Seafolk in one attack, as well as sever the arm of a child Grizzly Nyah, a demon-level monster, with a single thrust of his spear.
Grizzly Nyah Child Defeated

Stinger defeats a Grizzly Nyah child with a single thrust.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Stinger possesses amazing speed and reflexes. He is fast enough to kill multiple Wolf and Tiger-level threats before they were able to react, and was also fast enough to land attacks on a child Grizzly Nyah, although this was while the monster was stunned thanks to the attack of Lighting Genji. He was able to react and stop the mid-air charge from Garou against Gun Gun, and also forced him to use Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist to deflect and defend from his attacks.[4][5]

Immense Endurance and Durability: Stinger showed admirable stamina and durability, as he was able to endure attacks of ten Seafolk on his own in order to buy enough time for the civilians to escape the fight scene, while enduring attacks and killing six of them. It was stated that he held back and purposedly tanked attacks from the Seafolk to allow the civilians escape, as seen when he unleashed his full power and killed 4 of them in an instant. Additionally, he was able to survive a powerful punch from the Deep Sea King, which is imppresive considering that he's a Demon-level monster and Stinger had already been quite injured and is only an A-Class hero. He also survived a beating from Garou, who was using Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist against him,[6] in a similar way like Tanktop Master, which is even more impressive considering that he is an S-Class and Stinger is an A-Class, although the latter wasn't able to remain conscious after the technique.

Fighting StyleEdit

Expert Spearman: Stinger is very adept at using his bamboo shoot spear. He took down multiple Seafolk, a considerable feat considering their disaster level of Tiger. He was also able to take the limb of a Demon level monster with one attack of his spear.[7]


An injured Stinger killing multiple Tiger and Wolf level threats

  • Gigantic Drill Stinger (ギガンテイシクドリルスティンガー, Gigantikku Doriru Sutingā): Stinger thrusts his spear forward. At this point, the spearhead of his weapon begins to spin and is capable of ripping completely through an enemy. This attack is capable of killing Tiger and Wolf level threats with one hit, and also was shown being able to severely injure Demon level monsters.
    • Quadruple Thrust (四連突き, Shirentsuki): After spinning his spear in a helicopter motion to launch himself in the air, Stinger makes four powerful strikes of his Gigantic Drill Stinger almost instantaneously. This attack was shown able to kill multiple Tiger and Wolf level threats with ease and without giving them time to react to his attack.[8]
  • Spear's initial appearance (Manga)
  • Spear's initial appearance (Anime)
  • Spear's true form (Manga)
  • Spear's true form (Anime)


Bamboo Shoot: Stinger wields a large spear with a brown handle and a bamboo shoot spearhead. The outer layer can be peeled, revealing a smoother interior. He replaces the bamboo shoot spearhead before missions. The bamboo shoots used for his spears are cultivated on his family's farms.[1]

Hero RatingEdit

Stinger's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Stamina Intelligence Justice Endurance Power Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability Total


Stinger difference

Stinger's original design (left) and redesign (right)

  • Stinger was originally designed wearing a vest, sash, and a metal plate, but was redrawn by Murata wearing just the black suit to resemble the original design in the webcomic.
  • According to the databook:
    • What he likes are his beloved spear, Bamboo Shoot, fan letters, and chop suey.[1]
    • What he dislikes are thugs who just take vegetables from unmanned stalls.[1]
    • His hobbies are digging up bamboo shoots, swimming in the ocean, and taking care of his hair.[1]
    • His family are farmers.
    • The bamboo shoots he uses in his spear are cultivated in his family farms and he changes them for each new mission.[1]
    • When the spear hits the enemy, slowly, the bamboo shoots start to peel themselves. If it's completely skinned it's a sign of a hard fought battle.[1]
  • The origin of his hero name comes from the spear he uses and his straightforward attitude.[1]
  • In the webcomic, Bang and Bomb are in an operation to bait out Garou. Their mark is Stinger and he is briefly seen as a potential target for Garou's hero hunt. But Garou hunts down Death Gatling instead, causing Bang and Bomb to chase him down.


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