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I'm warning you. I use kenpo. I'm the only one who's ever robbed a bank barehanded!
— Miles trying to threaten Speed-o'-Sound Sonic

Special Moves Mile (絶技のマイル, Zetsugi no Mairu)[1] was an A-Class prisoner of Smelly Lid Prison. It can be assumed that he was turned into a monster by Nyan and killed by Puri-Puri Prisoner.


Mile was a muscular man with dark combed-back hair. While in prison, he wore a standard prison uniform, but tied his shirt around his shoulders, and wears leather bracelets with spikes.


Mile was very confident in his abilities, challenging Sonic to a fight. He did fear Puri-Puri Prisoner and apologized to the other prisoners for waking him up.


Mile was a Kenpo user and claimed to be the first and last man who robbed a bank unarmed. Moreover, he robbed a bank alone. He was the first to be directly secluded in this prison without passing through a normal one.[1]


Prisoners prepare to fight Nyan

The prisoners confront Nyan.

Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

When Nyan breaks into Smelly Lid Prison in search of Puri-Puri Prisoner, Mile and the other prisoners question the monster's motives.[2]

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After Speed-o'-Sound Sonic challenges the prisoners, Mile is the first to step forward and warns Sonic about his abilities, which the latter is unimpressed. He attacks Sonic, only to be easily subdued and in pain. His screams woke up their boss and he apologizes to the other prisoners.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mile stood high in the inmates' hierarchy, but still lower in rank than Puri-Puri Prisoner and was afraid of him.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: Mile was able to destroy a bank's lock with his bare hands.

Fighting StyleEdit

Proficient Martial Artist: Mile was a capable martial artist. However, he was still no match for someone like Sonic​.

  • Skilled Kenpo Practitioner: Mile was very proud and confident in his Kenpo skills.
    • Barrage: Mile unleashes multiple punches against his opponent.


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