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Webcomic notice.png This article contains webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

The Soda Pop Boys (微炭酸BOYS, Bi tansan bōizu) are a boy band working in the same talent company as Sweet Mask. Two of their members are C-Class heroes for the Hero Association.


The Soda Pop Boys are a boy band that consist of seven members, two of which managed to become C-Class heroes.


The Soda Pop Boys all wear the same attire, They wear a light colored checker suit with a white shirt and tie. Sweet Mask noted that the group looks like an "ugly imitation" of him.


Neo Heroes Saga[]

Psychic Sisters Arc[]

The Soda Pop Boys were presented by their manager to Sweet Mask, but the group were completely dismissed by Sweet Mask, calling them an "ugly imitation" and "copycats". This angered Cherion, who tells him that they will overtake Sweet Mask and challenges him. The group suddenly felt a shivering chill and sees Sweet Mask's weal-like markings on his neck.

Neo Heroes Uprising Arc[]

The Soda Pop Boys are seen coming to the rescue of Great Philosopher, saving him from a group of monsters. They are revealed to have joined the Neo Heroes, and begin calling themselves the Neo Soda Pop Boys. As they speak amongst each other, they get excited to kill Sweet Mask now that his true nature is revealed.


Name Position Status
Cherion Member Active
Fantas Member Active
Six unnamed members Member Active


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