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Sneck vs. Suiryu was the Super Fight Tournament match between the martial artists Sneck and Suiryu.


After Suiryu defeats Lightning Max, Sneck is his next opponent. Sneck understands the immense power Suiryu possesses and makes sure to be careful when he fights him. After they get in the ring, the referee tells the fighters to take their stances, and the battle begins.


Sneck uses his Biting Snake Fist

Sneck stands crouched with his hands extended out similar to a snake. The hero is panting from the several attempted attacks, while Suiryu seems completely fine. As he's staring down Suiryu, Sneck remembers his fight against Fighting Bull-Frog, and during those times, he was someone special who could protect the masses. But after his multiple defeats against opponents such as the Deep Sea King and Saitama, his confidence was significantly affected. While he keeps thinking, Sneck resumes his offensive attacks by rapidly punching Suiryu with his Biting Snake Fist, but Suiryu is able to effortlessly dodge the martial artist's blows. Sneck then attempts to sweep Suiryu's feet from under him, but the martial artist jumps back. Sneck continues his rapid assault with multiple punches, then clasps his hands together similar to a snake's head, but Suiryu still manages to dodge the hero's blows. Sneck goes so far as to wonder that even if the Hero Association didn't exist, there would still be someone else to defeat the monsters.

Suiryu effortlessly dodges Sneck

Suiryu mocks Sneck by saying Max was slightly stronger than him. Sneck poses his own question and asks why he keeps dodging instead of attacking. Suiryu says that he simply wanted to see Sneck's abilities, and goes on to say that with the salary A-Class heroes such as himself make, it would be a pretty decent job, but contradicts this by saying he would just want the money if he indeed became a hero.

Suiryu defeats Sneck

Irritated by his mocking attitude, Sneck asks Suiryu why such a frivolous and ambition-lacking person became so strong. Suiryu responds that it's pure talent, angering Sneck. Suiryu further angers him by saying he hasn't even trained the last few years, and asks Sneck why he's even a hero with such strength. He continues by citing the many powerful monsters that have been arriving, and even if there weren't any heroes, the people who could survive would still survive. The weak would be weeded out, he says, since that is how nature works. Sneck furiously implies that Suiryu is saying that monsters should be allowed to kill people, and Suiryu simply responds by saying the strong will survive. Suiryu ends the fight by kicking Sneck in the head, causing him to spin multiple times and land on the ground unconscious, making Suiryu the victor.


The crowd cheers for Suiryu while Saitama is in the bathroom, and Suiryu moves on to the semi-finals of the Super Fight Tournament.

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