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Sneck, All Back-Man, Jet Nice Guy and Bunbun Man vs. Deep Sea King was the battle between Deep Sea King and the heroes Sneck, All Back-Man, Jet Nice Guy, and Bunbun Man.


After having defeated Puri-Puri Prisoner and letting Speed-o'-Sound Sonic go, Deep Sea King attacks the J-City evacuation shelter in order to eat everyone there.


The heroes are defeated

Jet Nice Guy charges at Deep Sea King, but is effortlessly torn in half. Bunbun Man yells that the monster killed the hero, but Sneck reassures him that Jet Nice Guy is a cyborg and may not be dead. Sneck, Bunbun Man and All Back-Man prepare to charge, but Deep Sea King knocks Bunbun Man and All Back-Man back. Sneck manages to dodge the attack, but gets struck in mid-air into a wall.


Genos arrives soon after and continues the fight. Sneck is sometime later promoted to A-Class rank 37. Because of the incident, All Back-Man decides to quit the Hero Association.


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